The Journey of a thousand miles started with Hacker News


Today Freshdesk is one of the fastest growing customer support solutions in the SaaS space. Today, everywhere we take Freshdesk, we see red carpets flying, confetti in the air, and crowds pouring out to the clouds to cheer us. But it wasn't always like this. Like every startup, we've had our good times, bad times, getting unfair critique times, waking up to great reviews times and more.

Freshdesk was born as a response to a comment on a Hacker News post about how a leading customer support software company hiked prices up to 300% and made their customers unhappy. This was our Light Bulb moment..!

The light bulb led to a year of hacking, learning, and watching the product take its first baby steps from an office that would make most garages look like a palace. Freshdesk was launched in June 2011, with just three dev geeks, a rockstar front-ender, a support rep who doubled as the QA, and a product manager who also made sure everyone got their cup of tea on time.

It has been a super-awesome journey since then: winning the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge, a hundred customers in hundred days, press attention (TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb, Business Insider, Forbes) and National TV coverage. Today, we are growing like a hyper-space rocket on steroids. Freshdesk has customers in almost every country on the globe (and one tiny little colony on the moon).

We are backed by some of the smartest investors. Our customers can't stop telling us how much they love us. And our competitors can't stop telling us how much they hate us.

We figured the best way to wow the world is by building amazing products with awesome people. Add a fine layer of lightning-fast support to garnish, and you've got over a million customers falling in love with companies they do business with, thanks to Freshdesk.