Round 1: Dodo-proof Simplicity

$2000 Setup vs Refreshingly Intuitive Experience

With Zendesk, you need to tinker your process around the solution, instead of making the software work for you. And that is only fair - after all, anything that costs $1,999 just to setup can’t be “plug and play easy”. Of course, you could just pick up the phone and get some special White Glove treatment, but that would set you back $195 per agent.

Freshdesk, on the other hand, is built to be refreshingly easy to use. Both new customers and those migrating from competitors like Zendesk have been able to get set and go, with almost zero learning. And when they do need our help, our support and customer success teams are waiting to help each user deliver exceptional support experiences to their customers, no matter which plan they are in (even free). In fact, most customers tell us they knew the product inside out even on the first login, because things are exactly where they should be!

Find out how much more you'd pay Zendesk for the same features than Freshdesk

Nothing compares to the user friendliness I enjoy with Freshdesk

"Nothing compares to the user friendliness I enjoy with Freshdesk."

I had tried pretty much all of the big Help Desk solutions; Zendesk, Assistly etc but nothing compares to the user friendliness I am enjoying with Freshdesk. Even my less technical staff have adapted well and are enjoying the benefits.

Tom Boothroyd

Round 2: Deepest Flexibility

Straight-jacketed Support vs Unlimited Customizability

With Zendesk, you get to customize your ticket form and fields. Except you can’t do simple things like customizing ticket statuses to suit your business needs. Or even choose what type of tickets your support team gets. In fact, you can’t even format your replies with highlights, colors and bullets, or add reference links when you respond to your customers any way you like. With Zendesk, you need to remember special syntax and use “Markdowns” just to bold a word!

Freshdesk gives you the deepest level of customizability possible. You choose what statuses you need, when your SLA times should tick, and how you wish to categorize ticket types. You can even drill into the problem sub-categories and individual items by using hierarchical ticket fields. And yes, you can do all the formatting magic on your tickets with just the click of a button!

There is an array of customizable features awaiting your helpdesk

The biggest thing about Freshdesk was the personalization

"The biggest thing, is Personalization"

The biggest thing about Freshdesk was the personalization. I could configure Freshdesk to customize it to be personable, like using our first name and connect with our customers.


Round 3: Have Fun, Supporting

Bored Agent Heartburn vs the Gamified Freshdesk Arcade

When you are supporting customers all day, replying to complaints and answering queries from irate customers back-to-back, your juice tends to dry up a bit. With Zendesk you get a ticketing system, and just that. Which again is filled with a non-intuitive interface, rigid syntax and confusing anomalies that don't make your agents’ job any easier, let alone make them have fun while at it.

Freshdesk, meanwhile, is the world’s first gamified helpdesk. Every ticket is a chance for your agents to score, and with levels, achievements and trophies to get your agents excited everyday, they are sure to become super productive. But it gets even better - now that you can track how your support team is faring on the things that matter, and identify your rock star reps, keeping your help desk aligned with business goals is not just easier - it's fun too!

The Freshdesk Arcade, because support can be fun!

Freshdesk is more intuitive and less expensive

"Freshdesk is more intuitive and less expensive"

The guys at freshdesk are very friendly and i'm totally satisfied with this new and amazing piece
of software.

Alessandro Marzini

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