Record and convert phone calls to tickets

Buy local and toll-free numbers

Route calls automatically using IVRs

Transfer calls to other agents

Take calls through browser/phone

Block prank/promotional calls

Call using iOS and android apps

Set availability based on business hours

Access unlimited call history and search

Deliver exceptional support experiences, right from "Hello"

Your customers want to talk. It's time to start listening...

Despite the growth of new channels like social media and online communities, in addition to existing ones like email, the rusty old telephone continues to rule when it comes to customer support. There are very few things as simple, transparent and satisfying as calling someone and getting the problem resolved once and for all. 

Freshfone integrated phone support in Freshdesk lets you directly talk to your customers over the phone and keep track of conversations. That way, when you get a call from 555-0123 you know Who it is, what They are calling you about and why.

Make it easy when customers want to talk

With Freshfone, giving your customers that opportunity to talk to you is easier than ever. Just get a local number, and let the calls start pouring in. Or, make it even easier for your customers by making it toll-free. That way, the next time your customers have a problem, need to clear a confusion or report an issue, they just need to look for their phones - not their prayer beads. 

Transfer to the right expert with a single click

Sometimes you realize half-way during a call that Jimmy, from across the cubicle, would be a way better person to sooth this customer's concerns. But disconnecting an angry customer isn't going to do you any good, and hollering for Jimmy across the office is kind of unprofessional. With Freshfone, you can transfer the call to Jimmy as seamlessly as handing the phone over to him, right from where you are. The customer is happy, Jimmy gets to do his magic, and you are free for the next caller!

Get smarter and save time with IVRs

Of course, you need some additional details from customers before you can push their call to the right support rep in your support desk call center. But asking them for all this information AFTER you pick up the call is such a waste of both your time. Smart IVRs in Freshfone let you get all the preliminaries out the way, so when it's time to talk to the customer, it's already the right person in the team that says "Hello". 

Choose what should become a ticket. Automatically!

Some customer conversations, about problems, issues and ideas need to be ticketed and saved so you can come back to them later. Some others, spamming you to buy another credit card are probably better left unsaved. With Freshfone, you have the choice of which conversations you want to ticket, and which ones are spam at the end of every call.