In-app customer support for
mobile-first companies

It’s just unbelievable, the number of things your app users have to do to get in touch with you. They have to stop catapulting birds, pull out their laptop and create new login credentials just to raise a support ticket! Terrible. This is especially aggravating considering how difficult it is compared to just going to the Play Store and rating you as a 1 star and moving onto the next app that meets their requirements.

Well...not anymore! With Freshdesk’s MobiHelp, your users can give feedback, strike a conversation with your devs and get every little "how-to" right from within your app.

Answers right when you need them

Where’s the fun in having an extensive knowledge base if your users can’t even get to it when they need it? MobiHelp lets you enhance your Android experience by bringing your knowledge base straight into your app; this way, your customers can look up solutions, read FAQs and find the solution to all of their problems without even leaving your app.

And of course, if they need to talk to you personally, using MobiHelp to get support is just like chatting with a support rep. All your customers have to do is create a new ticket and they get connected directly.

Airplanes have black boxes. Your app has MobiHelp.

When there are so many fun things to do, no one wants to take the time out to report bugs or explain themselves to a support guy. Especially if they have to answer a lot of questions to do so. They’d much rather just remove your app and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Spare your users the technical mumbo-jumbo and find out what happened, without actually asking for info, with MobiHelp. Every time a ticket's created, MobiHelp records all the context you will ever need - including device name, operating system, app version etc. and adds them to your conversation automatically.

Race to the top of the charts

Pop the question only when you’re sure of a resounding five-stars and a heartfelt review; MobiHelp lets you send out review requests, just like you can send out customer satisfaction surveys. That way, you can get that special review from your madcap users who just can’t stop using your app. Or even better, you could ask them to give you five stars on the fly without ever making them leave your app. 

Get MobiHelp for free, and take your Android app to the next level.


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Free forever. Unlimited monthly active users. 

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It sits inside your app. You barely know it's there.