Say goodbye to those spreadsheets

You no longer have to waste time logging details about shifts in spreadsheets. With Agent Shifts, you can keep track of different schedules and the agents that work in them with simple views. When you need to change an agent’s schedule, you can easily move them from one shift to another. 

Orchestrate workflows across shifts

​​You can make Agent Shifts work for you based on your team's workflows.

  • ​​Route inquiries only to the agents working the current shift.
  • ​​Have urgent issues move across shifts ensuring customers get quick responses.
  • ​​Have agents take end-to-end ownership of issues that need troubleshooting.

Agent Shifts adapts to your unique workflows and ensure no issue slips through between shifts.



Ensure great support even when agents are Out of Office

When a customer responds to an agent who’s on leave, Freshdesk recognizes if they’re temporarily available or if they’re away on a long break. Your customer will then be automatically notified and tickets can be re-routed to agents who are available.




Managing support made easy

Automate ticket assignment

You have the option to choose between assignment methods that distribute tickets equally, based on an agent's skill, or based on their workload. 

 Monitor performance in real-time

Get a birds-eye view of trends in the volume of enquiries, customer happiness, agent availability, and agent performance across all support channels.

View agent availability at a glance

Get an accurate view of the team’s availability. You can see how long an agent has been active on a channel and when their status was last updated.