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“We have been able to organize our internal teams inside groups within the Freshdesk system and use automation rules to route requests to the right teams, then to the right members of teams and with the right priorities.”  Matthew Hogg, Director of Publisher and Customer Services, Macmillan

Freshdesk’s automations help you run on autopilot

Imagine coming to work every day to find all new customer enquiries neatly prioritized, organized and assigned to the right agents. You don’t have any to-do lists because all your manual tasks like follow-ups and reminders for every stage of your ticket are automated!

With Freshdesk's automations, the only work you and your team will have left is crafting great responses to your customers.

Easy to set-up and manage

Freshdesk creates an automatic summary of every rule that looks like a simple workflow document. The rule summaries and the simple form interface makes setting up automations quick and easy.

Manage dependencies efficiently

When you need inputs from a different team, automations can remind, alert and bring tickets with dependencies to the attention of the right people at the right time. 

Multi-level logical operators

With the flexibility to use a combination of AND/OR conditions and multi-select options, you can set-up powerful rules to automate any complex workflow.


 Every automation rule comes with an audit log to help you keep track of changes easily. When you need to make changes, you can test them in a sandbox and have them automatically synced to your live account.  


Automations do not reopen tickets that have responses like “ gracias” or “all good”.  By not opening tickets that don’t need any further action, Freshdesk ensures that your reporting metrics aren’t skewed.

A sorting hat for every ticket

Automations scan through every enquiry as soon as customers contact you and perform actions based on your team’s workflow. As an example, tickets can be automatically prioritized and assigned to the right teams depending on whether the customer has contacted you over social media or email, and what they have written to you about. 

Auto-assign tickets to the right agents

With automatic ticket assignment, customer issues are brought to the attention of the right agent instantly. This way, you can ensure that your customers get answers as quickly as possible. Depending on how your teams work, you have an option to choose from four different auto-assignment methods. As examples, you can choose to have tickets distributed equally amongst your team or have them assigned to agents who’re best skilled at working with them. 

Get rid of to-do lists

Automations trigger instantly based on an update to a ticket. They also scan through all your tickets every hour to check if there's a need for an alert. Because of this, you can be ensured that no task slips through the cracks. From following up with collaborators that you need inputs from, checking on your customers, to keeping teams up to date on the updates to their tickets, Freshdesk automates all the redundant work. 

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