Stay ahead of customer issues

Automatically alert agents about worrisome account trends, such as drops in active user counts, bad NPS scores, a surge in support tickets, and more. Use a flexible rule builder to define the most relevant early warning system for your support team.

Quantify customer pain

Get a data-driven health score for each customer account so that you can anticipate their needs and prioritize proactive engagement. Consolidate key data points like user activity, ticket trends, customer feedback, and more into a single holistic measure of account health.

Turn frustration signals into proactive engagement 

Automatically launch prescriptive tasks that guide agents on the next steps with each customer. Create step-by-step playbooks to proactively engage with customers about user experience, poor survey scores, or other metrics that matter for your business.

Trigger emails to the right customers at the right time

Wow your customers with personalized emails based on their behavior within your product.  Send just-in-time emails to nudge customers through onboarding, suggest best-practices, or provide troubleshooting tips for functionality that they've abandoned.