Freshdesk "gets" Customer Support

Freshdesk was built ground-up to make your agents’ lives better. Every little tab and snippet in Freshdesk is built with an obsessive focus on agent productivity. That means you won't find some life savers buried under piles of complex customizations. With Freshdesk, everything you need is just a click away. 

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Freshdesk was built ground-up to make your agents’ lives better

Freshdesk requires no installation or training. With an intuitive interface that speaks your language, your agents already “know” Freshdesk. And you get a powerful help desk up and running in minutes, without ever getting bogged down in technical jargon.

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So simple, Grandma could do it

There are some businesses which can afford to spend months implementing their support software, and then even more training their agents for it. But for the rest of us, we need a solution that we can get started with right away. Freshdesk is designed to offer an intuitive interface that lets you start supporting customers right from Day Zero. You don't have to read huge piles of documentation to learn its nuts and bolts. And you don't have to worry about implementing Freshdesk and getting it to work in your environment. 

Freshdesk requires no training whatsoever

Freshdesk requires no training

Freshdesk is just an absolute pleasure to use. It requires no training, and we got our agents up and running almost instantly.

Richard Jaques
Cotsworld Web Services
Super deep customizability

Every business has a support process with its own unique quirks, traits and requirements. An off-the-factory support system most often doesn't quite cut it, but building something from scratch isn't a workable solution either. Freshdesk lets you bring your customizations, workflows and fields right into your support process, with simple drag-and-drop actions. You don't have to make do with just superficially categorizing issues, thanks to hierarchical dependent fields. And with the widest gallery of ready-to-use support themes, you don't have to throw your customers a plain-vanilla portal.

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Freshdesk offers great customization capabilities

Freshdesk offers great customization options

Very well designed with good use of APIs, easy data import/export. Intuitive interface with great customisation options.

Fintan Hynes
The Fun way to Support Customers

Most times, supporting customers isn't really a fun job. Waking up to frustrated customers calling in every day, pacifying irate users, and troubleshooting day after day can sap the energy levels of even your super enthusiastic agents. Only Freshdesk lets you turn your support into a fun game where every support query is a chance to score points. You get to define what really matters to your support, your agents get to compete and climb up your leaderboard, and your customers can be sure to have a great support experience every time.

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We want you to stay with us because you love Freshdesk. Not because your data is stuck. You can export everything anytime.

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