Helpdesk Ticket Management on the Cloud

Your primary need for a helpdesk software is so you can get some real good ticket management. The problem is, managing licenses, maintaining all your knowledge and keeping up-to-date with patches and software upgrades can quickly spiral into futile hours of babysitting your helpdesk. If this sounds like what you’ve been experiencing with your helpdesk software, you’ve come to the right place!

A good helpdesk ticket management system can be the difference between creating a powerful brand community and being “just another player” that your customers came to.

Cloud based helpdesk software come as a big relief for companies that are looking to spend time on more productive activities rather than installing, maintaining and troubleshooting their on-premise helpdesk solution.

Freshdesk is by far the best!

"Freshdesk is by far the best!"

Twongo has been through many so called “help desk solutions” but Freshdesk is by far the best! Freshdesk has replaced them all and provided a simple to use, flexible platform to support our customers as well as our internal issues with ease.

Scott Bowen
But can Cloud Help Desk Software do all the magic that on-premise solutions offer?

Cloud helpdesk software come complete with all the features that you can expect out of a typical helpdesk ticket management solution. Like robust ticket management, and a flexible knowledge base for example.

But there’s more. Cloud helpdesks are hosted on remote servers that give your business the ability to handle fluctuating loads seamlessly. That means you will never have to worry about your support portals getting overloaded during your peak hours, or waste capacity every time else. What’s even better- with your helpdesk hosted on the cloud, you get the ability to scale support agents up or down when required.

The biggest advantage of having your helpdesk ticket management system on the cloud is the data security and back-up options that come along. Your data is perpetually backed up, and can be retrieved anytime there is a need to change or use it.

Traditional Helpdesk Vs Cloud Helpdesk Software

On-premise helpdesk solutions are “installable” applications that companies have to purchase licenses to, and set-up on their servers. First, this is a time consuming process that would require the expertise of your internal IT teams and even hosting partners.

Second, a feature-complete on-premise helpdesk software, by nature, ends up being bloated and heavy. In most cases, they require dedicated resources to just troubleshoot and maintain the software.

On the other hand, cloud helpdesk software today are nimble and do not require you to purchase or install any software. As a result, you can benefit from a feature rich helpdesk solution that is always up-to-date with the latest capabilities.

In addition to giving you a flexible, zero-maintenance solution, cloud helpdesk software are far cheaper than the older on-premise alternatives.

Cloud Helpdesk software are extremely easy to use and are hosted on the web, enabling helpdesk agents to service customers within minutes of getting started with the helpdesk.

Your agents also get the flexibility to resolve issues while on the move - cloud helpdesk software come with the advantage of anytime, anywhere access; all you need is a web browser to access your helpdesk.

Freshdesk - Your Support Helpdesk on the Cloud

Freshdesk is the only cloud helpdesk software that gives you a combination of the three things that are of utmost importance when choosing a helpdesk software - ease of use, full feature set and affordable pricing.

Designed with the user in mind, the intuitive interface makes Freshdesk a breeze to use. Freshdesk has a complete feature set including social capabilities with Facebook and Twitter support. The integrations list includes services like Capsule CRM, Google Contacts, Google Analytics, Freshbooks, Harvest and JIRA.

All these and much more, with Freshdesk’s phenomenal support make for a helpdesk experience that is unparalleled, dependable and amazingly affordable.

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