What is a hosted helpdesk?

A helpdesk, by definition, is a software that enables companies to monitor, respond, and resolve customer queries and issues in an efficient way. There are two types of helpdesks:

- Hosted or cloud-based

- Self-hosted or on-premise

A hosted helpdesk software refers to software that is hosted on the internet. This enables users to install and access it from any server or location. On the other hand, self-hosted software is installed on a company’s in-house server. This means that users need a license or a purchased copy of the software to operate.

Can hosted helpdesk software do everything that self-hosted software can?

Your primary need for a helpdesk software is to provide customer support. This includes activities like responding to customers, resolving their issues, and maintaining your knowledge base articles. Hosted helpdesk software comes complete with all the features that self-hosted solutions offer like robust ticket management, and a flexible knowledge base. Thus with hosted helpdesk software, your support team can carry out their everyday tasks with ease.

Additionally, with hosted helpdesk software, businesses are able to enjoy the benefits of a powerful, always up-to-date solution that they can access from anywhere, without troubling their IT teams. Cloud-based helpdesk software has clearly overtaken self-hosted solutions with the power and flexibility they offer in terms of features, maintenance, costs, and extensibility.

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Why choose hosted helpdesk software over self-hosted helpdesk software?

Ease of maintenance

For companies looking to spend time on more productive activities rather than installing, maintaining and troubleshooting solutions, hosted helpdesk software is the go-to solution. Unlike self-hosted helpdesk software, you don’t need a separate team to constantly monitor the software as it stays on cloud and is always up to date.

No performance lags

A hosted helpdesk gets timely updates from the software provider without any performance degradation. Whereas, a self-hosted software requires you to temporarily shut down to patch or upgrade to the latest version. Also, to prevent a lag in performance in self-hosted helpdesk solution, the local servers need to be upgraded from time to time. This affects the overall productivity of the support agents.

Cost effective and secure

Self-hosted solutions require heavy investment to buy the necessary hardware, servers, software and experienced IT staff to implement and manage the system. With hosted helpdesk software, companies save the cost of implementation and maintenance.

When it comes to maintaining security, companies using self-hosted helpdesk software burn a hole in their pockets by spending on data encryption, and cross-site scripting mitigation. Whereas, a hosted helpdesk runs on the cloud and it guarantees security in a few clicks. The cloud prevents potential attacks on the helpdesk which rules out the necessity of having a team to monitor security.

Freshdesk - your support helpdesk on the cloud

Freshdesk is the only hosted helpdesk software that gives you a combination of the three things that are of utmost importance when choosing a helpdesk software - ease of use, full feature set, and affordable pricing. With just one helpdesk, your team can assist customers across different languages, and time zones.

What Freshdesk’s hosted helpdesk offers

On-the-go ticket resolution

Customer support today no longer requires agents to be tied down to their desks. With Freshdesk, support agents can respond to and resolve customer issues from the comfort of their homes. The native Freshdesk mobile app lets agents attend calls even when they’re commuting.

One tool for all channels

By integrating the phone, chat, and social channels with Freshdesk, support agents can seamlessly handle requests coming in through different channels. Additionally, agents can also view past interactions with customers, to gather more context and provide a true omnichannel experience.

Ability to scale your support

 With Freshdesk, support agents can access their account as long as they have an active internet connection. So with one tool, businesses can provide support across different geographies, time zones, multiple languages, and scale their support.  

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