SaaS Helpdesk Software

Say goodbye to cluttered and expensive on-premise helpdesk solutions. Switch to a powerful SaaS helpdesk

that is completely hosted on the cloud!


What is a SaaS helpdesk?

Unlike traditional customer support solutions hosted on your servers at your location, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) helpdesk is delivered over the internet, similar to a website. It does not require any separate hardware configurations, the security and maintenance costs are borne by the service providers, and your helpdesk data is perpetually backed up on the cloud. Your business can set up an account on the service provider’s website, and all it takes is a simple login for your agents to start supporting customers any time, and on any device.

The advantages of a SaaS help desk solution

Anytime, anywhere access

Wouldn’t it be great if your agents could access the helpdesk when they’re on the move? With a SaaS help desk solution, you and your agents can access your support desk from anywhere, and all you need is your internet connection. Most SaaS helpdesks come with native mobile applications that make it even easier to check on and reply to tickets on the go.

Ease of use and implementation

SaaS help desks require minimal to no set up process. They’re extremely easy to navigate with well-distinguished modules allowing agents and admins to get started in minutes. Managers will not have to worry excessively about training their agents on how to use the solution, and can focus on supporting customers from day one.

Updates and maintenance

By opting for a SaaS helpdesk software, you can ensure that you never have to worry about software updates, patches or bug fixes.The helpdesk will attend to all of that automatically. The automatic updates ensure uninterrupted performance without requiring server shutdowns or other inconveniences.


Unlike on-premise solutions, SaaS help desks follow a recurring subscription-based model, allowing you to pay either monthly or annually. You can select the pricing plan that will be the best fit for your business, and pay for the features that you require.

Data security

By using a SaaS helpdesk, you can avoid the security vulnerabilities that come with on-premise solutions and keep your customer data on the cloud, safe and hacker-proof. You also don’t have to pay separately for implementing high-level data security features and cross-site scripting mitigations.

Why Freshdesk is the most reliable SaaS helpdesk software

Collaborate effortlessly

Freshdesk’s powerful collaboration features let your support agents work seamlessly with internal teams to resolve issue faster. From sharing ownership of problems to having team discussions right inside the ticket thread, you can streamline cross-functional communication through your helpdesk.

Automate repetitive tasks

Freshdesk lets you automate redundant tasks, thereby improving the productivity of your agents. You can set up automation rules to route and assign tickets to the right agents, create preset responses for frequently asked queries, set escalation rules if deadlines aren’t met, and much more.

Integrate with over 500 apps

The Freshdesk Marketplace supports over 500 apps that help extend your helpdesk’s capabilities and bring different business functions together. The integrations are divided into multiple segments like customer relationship management (CRMs), team collaboration tools, reporting and analytic tools, email marketing apps, and more.