Access anywhere, anytime

Having a web based help desk software grants you the freedom of providing your customers support from anywhere and at any time, with either a web browser or a mobile app.

Help customers help themselves

Serve customers through self-service portals which provide access to information about your business. You can include FAQs and documentation on how to use the product with a powerful knowledge base.

Utilize the power of social media

Word-of-mouth and social media are your best marketing tools. Encourage your customers to ask you questions and talk about you on social media, and engage socially using Freshdesk.

The best help desk software

Effortless implementation

Web based help desk software involve almost no setup and require no training, letting you focus on your customers.

Affordable solutions

Moving your customer support to a web help desk on the cloud doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With Freshdesk, choose a plan that suits you.

Always up to date

With Freshdesk, you no longer need to worry about installing patches and scheduling upgrades - we take care of all the maintenance and troubleshooting.