Set expectations to enable transparency

Set customer expectations using Service Level Agreements. Let them know when they can expect a response or the resolution of an issue.

Set and track SLAs to maintan service standards

Configure multiple SLAs

Configure different SLAs for different agent groups, product, companies, etc. All tickets under them will be governed by these SLA policies.

Manage multiple SLAs for diferent type of customers

Turn off the timers when necessary

Freeze the SLA timers when a ticket has certain statuses, so that your agents aren’t penalized for violating SLAs while they wait on customers or partners.

Freeze SLA timers

Enable remote work

Remote customer support

Regardless of where the members of your support team are located, you can provide your customers with seamless experiences by facilitating remote support with Freshdesk.

Customized email notifications

Delight customers by using their preferred language when sending them automated email notifications. Freshdesk will automatically detect customer’s language.

Multichannel support

Manage customer interactions on multiple channelslike email, chat, phone and social media without having to switch between several tools and applications.