Enable Delightful Customer Experience with Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite


Your customers want you to be there for them everywhere.

They want to email you, call you, chat with you, DM you on social media, and sometimes want to help themselves.

Allfather Odin could effortlessly manage the nine realms without help, but if you try to manage all your customer interactions with separate tools it can get quite overwhelming. What you need is a single omnichannel tool that streamlines your customer queries and empowers you to deliver delightful service every time.

Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite collates your multichannel support enquiries for you to manage within a single interface, whilst enabling you to offer self-service.

Freshworks is bringing you an exclusive webinar focused on how Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite brings your channels, automation, and collaboration in one place, and helps you delight your customers.


Date: 16th September, 2021

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CET



  • Introduction to Omnichanne
  • Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite Demo
  • Newly launched features
  • Q&A session
  • Teasers – Freshworks CRM and ITSM solutions

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Shivani Ravi

Customer Success Specialist

Shivani is a part of the Customer Success team in Freshworks. She has experience handling the US and Europe markets and is currently handling customers across the Nordics. Shivani is passionate about building long term relationships with customers, building a strong community and brand. She imbibes by the philosophy that customer happiness is the key to success.

Keerthana Muralidharan

Senior Partner Sales Engineer

Keerthana (Kee) is a seasoned lead partner sales engineer and has deep expertise in the Customer Engagement suite of Freshworks products. She has successfully coordinated with partners by providing technical support and guidance in winning some of the high-value deals in Asia Pacific and the EU region.

Shirley George

Customer Success Specialist

Shirley comes with 10+ years of experience in handling customer-centric roles and operations management across different industries. She works with customers from Emerging Europe, Nordics and the UK. Shirley thrives in building close long-term relationships, proactively helping customers in problem solving by suggesting new and innovative ways for them to succeed using Freshworks suite of products.