Simon Shanks

General Manager
Synergy Enterprise Solutions

Having worked in the contact centre and professional services industry for the last 18 years, Simon has a wealth of experience working with contact centre teams from the frontline, management, consulting and technical vendor perspectives. In his current role, he helps organisations use technology in providing engaging and delightful customer experiences.

Vijay Shankar

Co-founder & Director - Solutions Engineering


Vijay is an ITIL V3 expert , SIAM and VeriSM certified professional, with more than 15 Years of pre-sales & customer support team scaling experience. In his current role, Vijay  is now building and scaling the Solutions Engineering team in ANZ with more than 20+ Members helping in building the support org. Always in the startup mode, Vijay loves to build and scale teams. 

Fireside Chat ft. Freshworks & Synergy Enterprise Solutions

Customer loyalty has taken a severe hit in the post-pandemic world, making customer retention a major priority together with growth. 

The search for safe, contactless solutions is driving customers away from traditional/physical touchpoints and is taking them online in search for meaningful engagement. This has blurred the lines between sales and service, with every customer service interaction becoming a sales opportunity. In fact, some of our clients are seeing 70% sales-related queries coming through customer service channels.

The days of looking at CX strategies reactively are history. Customer Service leaders are now being brought into leadership meetings and asked questions about churn, customer feedback, and strategic solutions to tackle the situation.

Enter chatbots, generally touted as the technology that helps improve service speed. The companies in our study of over 107 million tickets found a 21% improvement in speed of service when they enabled bots. Companies with bots achieved first response times below five minutes on average, with many attaining speeds of less than 60 seconds. 

However, customers often are not enthusiastic about bots.

A Freshworks survey of 6,000 consumers (The Good, The Bot, and Customer Experience) found that 29% perceived bots as ineffective and unhelpful in solving problems; 41% discerned no benefit from bot interaction.

So the question still remains - to bot or not, and which route should ANZ brands follow to wow their customers and prospects. Join us for a fireside chat with Freshworks co-founder Vijay Shankar and our ANZ solution partner expert Simon Shanks from Synergy Enterprise Solutions, as we demystify chatbots and AI!