Fredrick Lawrence

Senior Partner Presales Engineer
Freshworks Inc.

Odera Joseph Echendu


 OJMD Dropshipping Philippines & Order Sentry

Mark Aranduque

Founder & Growth Hacker

Axtella Philippines

Nix Eniego

Founder and Marketing Consultant

OVER Digital Media

Social Selling- How to take the Social Media

Approach to Scale Your Business

Sales and Customer Retention teams are facing a new sea of challenges. Since 1929, they haven’t had to deal with a problem as gargantuan as this pandemic. There are many questions about what works and what doesn’t. To put it simply, the pandemic has forced teams to give up old mechanisms and adopt new ones in the wake of digital transformation. 

Social Selling is one such approach that can be a  trump card if used rightly for sales prospecting & customer service. Here's a roundtable featuring top social-selling experts to help you decipher what is the right way for your stream of business when it comes to social selling!

Topics to be covered: 

We will also have an interactive Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer all your queries.

NOTE: We do not offer any certificates for attending this webinar.