Make Communication Easier

Manage support with Freshdesk, chat on Hangouts and break language barriers with Translate. Provide personalized customer support.

Files and Attachments

Share self-help videos and how-to guides easily from Google Drive. Get bug reports, crash dumps and error files from customers without worrying about file sizes.

Schedules and Reminders

Schedule meetings, get automatic reminders and avoid conflicting appointments easily with the Google Calendar integration for Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Integrations with G Suite

Single Sign On with Google

Integrate with Google Apps for Work and use Google's Single Sign On to login to your helpdesk easily. No need to remember yet another user ID and password.

Show and Tell

Some customer problems cannot be solved just over Gmail. Create manuals, how-to docs, tutorial videos and more, and share them easily over Google Drive.

Meet customers live on Hangouts

Want to make customer support more personal? One click from your helpdesk and you can get on a live HD video call with your customer.

Never lose your Contacts

Customer contact data is synced across your support team’s Google Accounts with the helpdesk so you never have to worry about losing them.

Support with Gmail

Emails tend to bounce around a lot before landing in an agent's inbox. Get complete context and all previous messages, and solve customer issues better.

Freshdesk Integrations with other Google Products

Data-driven support

Narrow down exactly what your customers are looking for and provide customized solutions with the Freshdesk-Google Analytics integration.

Help across languages

With Google Translate powering your helpdesk, you can convert the helpdesk and incoming queries to your favorite language, and respond accordingly.