Here’s how a free support software helps you respond faster

customer support software lets you streamline how you communicate with your customers. It helps you track, prioritize and categorize incoming support requests and resolve issues a lot faster than you would with email.

Why switching to a free support software is worth it

78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. Therefore, good customer support is a must for a growing business. We, however, understand that as your business is starting out, there are so many things to invest in and managing budgets and cost-cutting gets chaotic. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a helpdesk with all the support features you need for free that can also help you scale as you grow? With Freshdesk’s free forever plan, we give you just that - a feature-packed customer support software for unlimited agents, absolutely free!

What you can do with Freshdesk’s free plan

Streamline customer communication

With Freshdesk, you can handle queries from multiple communication channels like email, phone and social media from a single unified database. You don’t have to juggle between multiple tools anymore to resolve customer issues efficiently.

Automate routine tasks

Freshdesk lets you create workflows so that you can automate routine tasks and improve your agents’ productivity. With the free plan, you can route tickets to the right agents, set up preset responses for frequently asked questions, and more.

Get insights into team performance

You can stay on top of your team’s performance with Freshdesk’s ticket volume reports. You can draw insights from the metrics and use them to drive future decisions and increase agent accountability.

Provide self-service to customers

You can use the knowledge base feature in Freshdesk to provide customers detailed solution articles and other resources so that they can troubleshoot and resolve issues on their own. This will help keep your ticket volumes down.

Answer customers on the go

With Freshdesk's mobile apps for iOS and Android, it becomes easy for support agents to answer customer tickets on the fly. They can access the full power of the helpdesk, irrespective of where they are.

Get instant assistance from us

Freshdesk offers 24x7 email support and 24x5 phone and chat support included with the free plan. You can reach out to us for assistance with any issue and rest assured, someone from our support team will be with you right away.

Hear it from our customers who are on the free plan