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First Call Resolution


Response TIme

2-3 hrs

About Voonik

Voonik is a fashion marketplace for women available on web and mobile app. Voonik also has a men’s marketplace which is called MrVoonik.

Being an eCommerce player, Voonik receives multiple customer enquiries and requests on daily basis. Enquires range from shopping advice to complex requests such as replacements, refunds and more. With business growth and increase in customer enquiries, Voonik’s QA Engineer, Jiaullah felt the need for an effective customer support system which helps respond and resolve the customer’s enquiry in shortest possible time.

Freshdesk helped Voonik achieve a customer satisfaction score of 80-85%. As quoted by Jiaullah, "This was made possible as Freshdesk improved the productivity of our customer support agents by more than 600% and enabled us to provide first response within 2 hours".

Challenges at Voonik

Prior to using Freshdesk, the customer support team at Voonik was using Gmail to respond to the customer enquiries. Customer support agents used filters to mark priority issues in Gmail Inbox.

Here are the key customer support challenges faced by Voonik:

  • High response time of 1-2 days, reaching up to 4-5 days in case of an escalation.
  • Difficult to track email responses which led to multiple responses or missing out on responses to enquiries completely.
  • No track of issues resolved with respect to a specific customer so it was difficult to track past conversations.
  • Measuring agent performance was not possible due to the inability to track ticket resolution at an individual level

All this created a poor impression of Voonik’s customer service and adversely affected brand value of the company. With growth, Voonik decided to explore an effective customer support solution which could address these pain points and also help improve customer satisfaction.

Why Freshdesk

Freshdesk came highly recommended by CTO, Navneeta Krishnan of Voonik. Resolution of customer issues is the top most priority of Customer Support team at Voonik. With this intent, Freshdesk was selected and implemented for providing improved customer support at Voonik.

Implementing Freshdesk

Implementation of Freshdesk proved to be a smooth process at Voonik. Over the last 4 years since its implementation, the product is being more extensively used with increase in the number of customer support agents.

Presently, Freshdesk is used for managing customer support for 4 different accounts at Voonik and these include, Voonik, MrVoonik, Vilara and VoonikSeller. The complete customer support team is also divided into four groups with about 20-25 customer support agents in each team.

Overall 90-100 customer support agents use Freshdesk to resolve customer enquiries and provide better customer support. Customers share their enquiries via multiple sources such as email, web chat and phone call. All enquiries coming via email and chat are directly integrated into Freshdesk and a ticket is generated.

Freshdesk Success

Freshdesk has played pivotal role in transforming the customer and seller support system at Voonik.

“I have been able to automate the ticket allocation process with help of Freshdesk using rules based on some commonly raised queries such as refund, return, how to shop etc. This has helped us achieve improvement in first call resolution by 70%.”


QA Engineer


Key Benefits:

  • Automatic allocation of a ticket to supervisor: If any tickets remain unassigned, then those are automatically allocated to the supervisor for further allocation and action.
  • Defined Escalation Process based on Customer responses: Rules have been defined related to the number of responses given by a customer. If a customer has responded more than 2 times then it is automatically allocated to the right escalation team on high priority.
  • Utilization of chat feature to interact with customers looking for prompt responses.
  • Effective management of customer feedback provided via email or through social media. Customer feedback is tracked and all reviews or requests through social media are also registered as ticket in the system. If a customer provides negative review then same is allocated to the customer relationship manager for further resolution.

Voonik has observed tremendous change in reviews of customers who have been proactively approached by Voonik’s team upon submission of a negative review on social media.

Jiaullah appreciates an excellent feature of Freshdesk, “Auto reply feature has helped Voonik’s Customer Support team reduce the ticket volumes by 25% by defining standard responses for some common queries raised by sellers.”

Another key feature loved by the team includes the reporting aspect which has helped him track individual agent’s performance by monitoring the tickets received, resolved, marked pending and reopened by a specific agent.

He quotes, “With the help of auto generated daily monitoring reports, I have been able to identify capabilities of my agents which has helped me utilize them more effectively in suitable roles.”

Overall Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) 35% 80 - 85%
Response Time 1-2 days 2-3 hours
Resolution time 4 days 1 day
Capability to handle ticket volumes 500 tickets 4500+ tickets
Number of tickets resolved per day 25 - 40 tickets 200 - 250 tickets