How does this integration help an e-commerce store?

If you run a Shopify store, Freshdesk makes it easy for your customer support team to refund and cancel orders right from within Freshdesk. This way, your team need not switch tools to manage orders from the Shopify store. Here's how this integration can help:

Check the order history from Freshdesk

When a customer contacts you, you can see their recent order history right next to their Freshdesk tickets. You can see how much they paid, what they ordered, and the current fulfillment status.

Cancel and refund orders from your helpdesk software

As a support agent, it can be overwhelming to switch between your Shopify stores and your helpdesk software for every refund or return request raised by your customers. Using this integration you can handle all these requests right inside Freshdesk.

Connect multiple Shopify stores

If you run multiple Shopify stores, you can connect all of these stores to a single Freshdesk account. When a customer contacts you, you can access their orders from any of these stores, inside Freshdesk.

Making customers happy is easier with Freshdesk + Shopify

With Freshdesk, you’ll have the perfect helpdesk support for e-commerce. You’ll get a powerful helpdesk software with functionalities at a price point that is affordable. Support your customers locally or globally across multiple products, languages, and time zones with just one helpdesk.

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