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Support agents often need input from other internal teams to resolve an issue. However, without visibility into the progress being made by the other team, agents lose a lot of time in back-and-forth communications. All context is lost, resolution becomes delayed and the quality of your service takes a hit.

Freshdesk fuels teamwork and efficiency

Freshdesk packs a suite of powerful collaboration features that can help teams work efficiently to provide better support experiences for the customer. Agents can loop in teammates for discussions right inside tickets and can retain visibility into tickets even if another team is currently working on it. Teams can also split the tasks involved and work on them in parallel.

Invite collaborators into the ticket

Democratize support by bringing together the collective power of subject matter experts, across distributed teams to solve complex customer issues. With a record of all interactions, your agents can collaborate contextually with other teams, external stakeholders, and do a lot more to resolve tickets faster. Track the performance of collaborators, with reports and analytics.

Get better visibility with shared ownership

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility and access to it, so that teams can work on the issue in parallel and stay in the loop regarding progress on the ticket. With the customer-facing agent having up-to-date information concerning the issue, you always have an answer for the customer.

Divide and conquer issues with parent-child ticketing

Resolve issues faster by splitting tickets into smaller tasks that respective teams can work on in parallel. With Parent-child Ticketing, the ticket is resolved only if every team completes the task assigned to them, so that each internal team is accountable for their role, and the ticket can be resolved only if every team has played a role.

Solve related issues together with linked tickets

When there is a sudden surge in incoming support tickets, start linking similar issues together and send status updates on all related tickets in one go. All the agents involved have up-to-date information on the progress being made with the issue, and can send consistent replies to their customers.

Collaborate better with field teams

Your helpdesk and field teams can collaborate better thanks to a unified helpdesk and field service solution. All actionable service tasks are created linked to a ticket so helpdesk agents and field technicians have full context of the problem when responding to customers. 

Use service tasks to easily share problem details as well as customer details, such as addresses, phone numbers, customer issue history and more with field technicians to improve field service experience.

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