Bring in the right expert to solve issues faster

With the Ticket Collaborator role, agents can democratize support by collaborating with anyone - from internal teams to third-parties, and partners right within the ticket, without external dependencies. By providing context in real-time to the collaborator, agents avoid multiple back-and-forths.


Enable collaborators, bring accountability

Agents can tag collaborators on private notes or assign tickets using shared ownership. Collaborators can view tickets, add private notes and change the ticket status. They can view customer profiles, and the knowledge base to better understand and resolve issues.

Improve business decisions with analytics

With the Analytics Collaborator role, support managers can democratize support by engaging key executives. With visibility on the quality of customer support and the collaborators' performance through reports,  the support managers can have data-driven conversations with various leaders to improve customer experience. 

More features to improve collaboration

Shared ownership

Share tickets with agents from other teams to collaborate on issues without compromising on visibility or access to tickets.

Parent-child ticketing

Break down complex issues and multistage processes into child tickets for various teams to work on in parallel.

Agent collision alerts

Avoid conflicts and multiple responses by receiving warnings when someone else is working on the same ticket as you are.