Collaborate faster, resolve together

Segregate your internal conversations inside your Freshdesk ticket and eliminate the chaos of communicating with customers. Support agents can provide all the necessary context to internal teams on dependent tickets, save time by reducing multiple back-and-forths and delight customers with faster responses. 


Boost agent productivity

Customer support teams on Freshdesk can raise incidents and service requests to internal teams on Freshservice. With a complete view of customer conversations, they can collaborate effortlessly to resolve issues without switching between applications. By automating incident creation, agents can avoid redundancy and achieve a faster turn-around time. 


Keep customers up to date

Enable better data sharing and consistency between your support and internal teams by syncing ticket fields across Freshdesk and Freshservice. Your support agents can stay on top of ticket updates and keep customers updated whenever there’s an update from the internal team. 


Complete control of customer data

Maintain data security and privacy by allowing admins to limit the information that internal teams need to understand and resolve issues. Freshdesk admins can prevent internal teams on Freshservice from accessing internal conversations, critical customer data and only share the information necessary for context.  


More features to improve collaboration

Shared ownership

Share tickets with agents from other teams to collaborate on issues without compromising on visibility or access to tickets.


Bring in the right expert from within or outside your organization and collaborate inside Freshdesk to resolve complex tickets faster. 

Collaborate with context

Chat with your teammates or experts across your organization inside the ticket to retain context and solve problems faster