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Girish Mathrubootham
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Girish founded Freshdesk in 2010, and as the CEO, has been setting the vision and direction for the company since inception. Prior to founding Freshdesk, Girish was the VP of Product Management at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp, where he was responsible for setting worldwide product strategy and overseeing product marketing, product management, and customer support. In addition to the pedigree of having some of the happiest customers in the world, he is also the reigning in-house Foosball champion.

Shan Krishnasamy
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

As Chief Technology Officer, Shan sets the technology direction for the company and ensures that Freshdesk’s services are secure and reliable to meet the needs of all our customers. Before Freshdesk, Shan was responsible for the architecture for key products for Zoho Corp’s ManageEngine division. Today, he oversees the teams of engineers building all of Freshdesk’s products. When he isn’t working, he can be found watching old movies or taking long drives along the coast.

Nishant Rao
Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Nishant is responsible for scaling and transforming Freshdesk into a global SaaS powerhouse. He oversees all non-R&D aspects of Freshdesk's operations, which includes channel sales, customer success, facilities, finance, HR, legal, presales and sales. Before joining Freshdesk, Nishant was Managing Director, LinkedIn India & South Asia, where he played a pivotal role in scaling their team in India. Nishant energizes himself by spending time with his family and his work family (the Freshdesk team) and is an avid sports and movie buff.

Dilawar Syed
President, North America Operations

Dilawar heads the company’s North America operations, including sales, marketing, partner ecosystem and customer support. Prior to Freshdesk, Dilawar was CEO at Yonja Media Group, a social media company, and ran platform strategy and operations at Yahoo! Earlier, Dilawar led several product efforts at Siebel Systems and SAP. Active in entrepreneurship development and civic causes, Dilawar served on President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. A history buff, Dilawar enjoys going on long hikes with his kids.

STS Prasad
Senior Vice President, Engineering

In his role as SVP, STS will be responsible for accelerating technology development and overseeing infrastructure enhancements to support Freshdesk’s growing customer base and aggressive product roadmap. Prior to joining Freshdesk, STS was the Vice President of Engineering at @WalmartLabs, the eCommerce product and technology development center for Walmart. He has held various leadership and engineering roles with Kosmix, Aventeon,, Junglee, Sybase and HCL. STS keeps his mind sharp by solving crossword puzzles regularly. A nature lover at heart, he enjoys long walks, hiking and cycling.

Vikrant Bhatnagar
Chief People Officer

In his role as the CPO, Vikrant is responsible for driving People Operations at Freshdesk and will challenge himself to create HR 2.0. He works to ensure that our employee happiness rivals our customer happiness. Vikrant brings with him over 18 years of global experience driving different aspects of HR in large, small and early stage organisations like Amazon, Aon Hewitt, and Hike Messenger to name a few. He's an avid biker with a flair for photography. When he is not spending time with his family (a big dog included), he loves to be on open roads cycling or motorbiking.

Francesco Rovetta
Vice President, Alliances & Distribution

Francesco leads Freshdesk's efforts to grow its market penetration through alliances and channel partnerships. After working for the telecom giant Alcatel, he joined Skype, where he helped build the most disruptive technology in the communication business. Most recently he led eBay Mobile, driving the business growth and the revamp of its mobile offering, and he negotiated strategic partnerships in the mobile space for PayPal. Besides philanthropy and technology, he loves mountaineering, surfing and anything adventurous outdoors.

Shihab Muhammed
Business Unit Head, Freshservice

Shihab is the Business Unit Head for Freshservice, and leads the charge for our IT Service Desk software. He was the first person to join Freshdesk after its inception, and helped the team build the product from scratch. He is responsible for driving the product strategy and setting the roadmap for Freshservice. Before he joined Freshdesk, Shihab led engineering teams at ZANEC Technologies and Zoho Corp. Shihab is a connoisseur of seafood.

Kiran Darisi
Director, Technical Operations

As Director of Technical Operations, Kiran is in charge of security, monitoring and infrastructure provisioning. He ensures that the Freshdesk platform scales to support our rapid growth and the needs of our largest customers. Before he joined Freshdesk, Kiran developed software for Accenture and worked on SaaS products and network analysis tools at Zoho Corp. When he isn't monitoring Freshdesk, he can be found trying out new restaurants.

Sukumar Ramachandran
Vice President, Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Sukumar develops plans and strategies for emerging businesses and realizing the company's sales goals. He brings with him over 20 years of experience to Freshdesk. Prior to joining Freshdesk, he was Vice President at Ramco Systems, and was instrumental in taking the company to the cloud. In his free time, Sukumar unwinds by listening to music.

Simon Johnson
Director, Sales and Operations, Freshdesk UK

As Director of Sales and Operations for United Kingdom, Simon leads Freshdesk’s efforts to grow its market penetration throughout the UK. Simon has a wealth of experience building sales and commercial teams from his long-term role as Global Head of Sales at Redgate Software. Simon’s experience includes building and growing successful sales teams in the UK, US and Asia, and also growing channel and penetration projects through the UK. As well as being a dedicated husband and father of two, Simon is also a keen sportsman and enjoys running marathons.

Sreelesh Pillai
General Manager, Freshdesk Australia

Sreelesh, as General Manager, oversees sales, marketing, partnerships and customer support at Freshdesk Australia. He led Freshdesk's record-breaking performance marketing teams as Director of Marketing for four years before setting up base Down Under. Sreelesh brings valuable experience from growing business units at, Zoho Corp. and Reliance Communications. While not at work, he plays personal musician and genie to his baby daughter.

Arun Mani
Managing Director, Continental Europe

As Managing Director, Arun is responsible for driving Freshdesk's business expansion in European markets. Arun is an engineer at heart, consultant by training and a sales leader by profession since 2012. He worked at Intel and McKinsey before joining AppNexus, where he led the global scale-up of their core business by over five times in three years. Arun loves to help people unlock their full potential and enjoys reading, traveling, practicing yoga and spending time with his family.

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