Apps at Freshdesk
Meet the platform devs

Businesses love it when their tools work together - when they can sync their information across platforms, pull up info from one tool inside another and perform activities across applications from the same place; basically, a unified, experience which does not involve them switching back and forth all the time between apps, platforms and devices.

The Apps team at Freshdesk is responsible for making sure that our products play well with the most popular apps in the world, and extending our capabilities beyond just customer support. We build the platform that enables all of our product’s apps, and work with internal as well as third-party APIs to set up intricate features that share information bilaterally across different online applications.

Thanks to us, Freshdesk users connect with and collaboratively use over 60 third-party apps, right from their support helpdesk. Ranging from CRMs like Salesforce to file sharing services like Dropbox and eCommerce apps like Shopify, the team adds an entirely new dimension to customer support, and enables our users to serve their customers better across verticals. It’s all about making things as easy as they can be and making sure that the workflow stays slick no matter how many unique tools you work with. If you are up for the challenge, go ahead and apply right now.

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