Marketing at Freshdesk
Meet the creatives

The marketing team owns everything the world knows about Freshdesk, right from the copy on our website, to the videos you watch on our YouTube channel, and the ads that help you discover us online. We focus on getting the word out about our products to as many people as possible and help drive business, and we do a wide range of activities to make it happen. The goal is to ensure that, even if someone, halfway across the world, thinks about customer support software, Freshdesk should be the first thing that comes to mind.

In addition to generating demand and acquiring customers, we make sure that our users, no matter who they are, understand our products and have what they need to use them everyday. To make this happen, we connect the dots between different teams, figure out what our customers want, and create content that helps them achieve their goals. Beyond just online marketing, we also bring our flavour to real-world events, across the globe, and strategic campaigns that reinforce our brand. If you are excited about the idea of evangelizing customer service, hit the link below to apply today.

What are the different roles?

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