Mobile at Freshdesk
Meet the app makers

If that tiny gadget can let you check time, do calculations and watch TV through it, why not go ahead and use it to provide customer support as well? The Freshdesk mobile team makes it easy for thousands of businesses and support reps across the world to engage with their customers, even when they’re on the go! They take the best of Freshdesk and deliver it in a pocket-sized package, as iOS and Android apps.

We believe that it is important for every support team to be independent, to be free from all dependencies and devices. It’s even more important that they get back to customers as quickly as possible, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Our native apps allow customer support teams to follow conversations, respond to emails, take phone calls, manage social interactions and make customers happy, no matter where they’re located; even if it’s a remote beach in Bali or your favorite coffee shop round the corner. If this sounds like your game, check out our open positions.

What are the different roles?

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