Product Development at Freshdesk
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At Freshdesk, our aim is to build products that will change lives every day. A product that will exceed expectations right from the word go. To our engineers, their work is like an artform, and every feature or bugfix they make is like a challenge that needs to be completed for them to advance to the next level. As a result, we truly care about everything we create and we go out of the way to make things possible.

“A programmer is a person who fixes a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way you probably won’t understand.”

We find the most optimal solution to any problem you can throw at us, and write code that works even when it isn’t expected to work. If it’s the product manager’s job to tell developers what their requirements are, it’s the engineer’s job to find out what is the best way make it happen. It’s not just their job, it’s their responsibility. If you’re a Freshdesk developer, you’re always learning and changing and adapting to new things. It’s not about being a mindless coding zombie, it’s about making the world better, one commit at a time. If this sounds like something you’d love to be a part of, apply down below.

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