Collaboration shouldn’t happen outside your helpdesk

It slows you down, and slower responses = unhappy customers.

Most team conversations revolving around support get lost in chat tools outside of the helpdesk. We think they should happen right inside your ticket.

With features like Team Huddle, it will be easier for your internal teams to work with each other within your helpdesk and have access to all the context they need to solve customer issues quickly.

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Your helpdesk shouldn’t make you sound impersonal and robotic

Customize your ticket forms, agent responses and support portals to look and sound exactly the way you want, so that your customers remember you for the unique experience you provide.

Route customers to agents with the right expertise. Use multiple business hours and our multilingual capabilities to personalize your support for customers around the globe.

And that’s not all

Support on the go

Agents can make use of Freshdesk's Android and iOS apps to respond to customer requests even when they’re away.

Extend your support capabilities

You can bring customer context and information to support by linking your helpdesk with tools you use like CRMs, payment solutions etc.

Track and measure what you do

Our suite of ready to use reports can be used to track key metrics and identify trends on ticket volume, bottlenecks, team performance and more.

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