Support Made Easier by Freshdesk

No need to lose time setting up

Support software made so simple and intuitive, you can sign in and start supporting customers without any additional training.

No need to wait if you want help

We don’t believe in charging extra for support. No matter what plan you are on, our support team is ready to help you any time.

No need for third-party software

Setup crucial support channels like Phone and Chat with one click inside Freshdesk. No need for third-party bridges, integrators or software.

No need to pay extra for essentials

No hidden clauses, no extra charges, no need to pay more for out-of-the-box features. With Freshdesk, you only pay for what you want.

No need for complicated workflows

Powerful, easy-to-use automations handle assigning, categorizing, managing, and escalating tickets so your agents can focus on helping customers.

Smarter support features right out of the box

Smarter support features right out of the box

Communicate better within teams

Chat with your team inside Freshdesk with Team Huddle to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

Collaborate without colliding

Automatically prevent multiple agents from answering the same ticket and protect customers from spam

Assign tickets intelligently

Assign tickets automatically based on agent skill sets or their current load and ensure faster responses.

 Freshdesk is an intelligent alternative to Parature that lets you assign tickets based on skill, load or in a round robin format, to ensure agents always have something to work on.
Intelligent Social Support

Assign tickets automatically based on agent skill sets or their current load and ensure faster responses.

Weigh your options

Customer support should be easy. At Freshdesk, we try to keep things simple so you can focus on supporting your customers. Here are some things you won’t have to pay for if you use Freshdesk:

  • You don’t have to pay for customer support. We provide 24x7 Email Support and 24x5 Phone support no matter which plan you are on.
  • We also won’t make you pay because “too many people visited your support website”.
  • We won’t charge you for managing your social media accounts.
  • You also don’t have to pay every time if you want to publish multiple support portals.
Looking for  Dynamics 365 alternatives or Parature alternatives? See how much Freshdesk can save you


If not, try out and see how Freshdesk can simplify your support. We’re sure you’ll be impressed. If you decide to switch to Freshdesk instead of Dynamics, our support specialists will get in touch with you to ensure a smooth transition from Parature.

Freshdesk can make your support more efficient. Sign up today and switch to a better Parature alternative