Why SMBs choose Freshdesk over Kayako

Get started in minutes

Whether it’s organizing agent groups, customizing your support portal, or integrating existing apps, set up Freshdesk easily in a few clicks. 

Simple and clean UI

You and your team will find it extremely easy to pick up ticketing with Freshdesk’s simple interface. No clutter, no lags. 

Faster and contextual help

Add relevant solution articles and annotated images to customer responses in a single click for faster and easier issue resolutions.

Grows with your business

Built on the cloud, Freshdesk can effortlessly support diverse business needs as your brand grows.

Affordable and clear pricing

Our transparent pricing plans give you incredible value at reasonable prices with no additional hidden costs or hard-to-read fine print.

Freshdesk vs. Kayako - See how we stack up

Intelligent ticket assignment
Built-in phone support
Same-window agent collaboration
Social media keyword filters
Customer satisfaction surveys
Proactive outreach
Free plan
Custom reporting

External tool needed

24x7 customer support

Only 24X5 support at additional charges

What customers say about Freshdesk

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from actual users who've rated us on G2 about their Freshdesk experience.


Freshdesk vs. Kayako reviews and ratings Freshdesk vs. Kayako reviews and ratings
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Offer an effortless customer and agent experience

Unlike Kayako which lacks basic automation and integration capabilities, Freshdesk offers agent-friendly features that are easy to use and effective in delivering instant support to your customers.

Don’t let any customer conversations slip through the cracks

Stay on top of customer issues or feedback that come via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Convert Tweets, posts, and emails into tickets and respond to all customer requests from a single screen.

  • Organize and prioritize customer queries to work on important issues right away, whether it’s through email or social media.
  • Filter out the noise and automatically convert relevant Tweets into tickets.
  • Configure keywords important to your business to bring relevant social media comments or posts to your help desk.
  • Don’t miss Tweets about your business that are not directed at your brand with @mentions.
Freshdesk vs. kayako social media support Freshdesk vs. kayako social media support

Help customers find answers by themselves

Your customers would prefer to find their own solutions rather than waiting for an agent’s response. On Freshdesk, you can create organized knowledge bases in multiple languages for customers to find the right answers quickly.

  • Create structured and search-friendly knowledge bases from your help desk.
  • Build and customize your support portal to blend with your brand identity.
  • Host community forums where customers can help one another and also share product feedback.
  • Proactively offer help to your customers by embedding solution articles and contact form in the web widget when you notice rage clicks.
Kayako vs. Freshdesk for self-service Kayako vs. Freshdesk for self-service

Make your agent's life easier

Your agents can send faster responses when they can easily find all the information needed in one place and work together as a team to resolve issues. You can also automate repetitive tasks to minimize agent effort, and they can focus on solving customer issues.

With Freshdesk, agents can -

  • Invite team members to help resolve tickets and stay in the loop by sharing ownership.
  • View all customer information and conversation history in one place for crystal clear context.
  • See if another agent is working on a ticket already and avoid duplicate replies.
  • Save time with easy-to-add canned responses, solution articles, and screenshots.
Freshdesk vs. Kayako agent productivity Freshdesk vs. Kayako agent productivity

Quickly find out what’s working and what isn’t

Collect customer feedback and analyze incoming requests to know if you’re hitting the mark with customer expectations. Build custom help desk reports quickly and see how you can align your team better to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Automate capturing customer feedback by triggering CSAT surveys at the end of every customer interaction.
  • Get more context on the feedback shared using additional survey questions.
  • Create custom reports and drill down on insights that matter to your business.
  • Identify how quick and effortless your support is by monitoring critical support metrics on intuitive dashboards.
Freshdesk vs. Kayako reporting Freshdesk vs. Kayako reporting

Integrate your help desk easily with the tools you already use

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