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Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support

Get up and running in a matter of minutes with Freshdesk, the solution that lets you interact with your customers wherever they are, no matter where you are, via whatever channel they use. The best part is, Freshdesk is built to scale with you as your business grows across regions, products and languages. And support never stops being fun because unlike most of its competitors, Freshdesk also makes it possible for your agents to have fun while providing great support.

Compare Freshdesk's phone channel and Zendesk voice

Nothing compares to the user friendliness I enjoy with Freshdesk

"Nothing compares to the user friendliness I enjoy with Freshdesk."

I had tried pretty much all of the big Help Desk solutions; Zendesk, Assistly etc but nothing compares to the user friendliness I am enjoying with Freshdesk. Even my less technical staff have adapted well and are enjoying the benefits.

Tom Boothroyd

Global Customer support

Freshdesk is designed to scale with your company as it grows. As your business expands to cover multiple regions, languages, customers, and products, Freshdesk will seamlessly support you and help you grow. And unlike our competitors, Freshdesk strives to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

Forget juggling hubs, spokes and sharing agreements; Freshdesk lets you handle all the queries, from your multiple products, in one inbox.

With one Freshdesk account, your unified, global team can wow your customers no matter where they are or what language they speak. Freshdesk provides everything you need to ensure a seamless, branded experience for your global customer base.


Can't speak highly enough!

I can't speak highly enough of this solution for managing support tickets. I've used Salesforce add-ons, OnTime from Axosoft and Zendesk. I even wrote my own helpdesk ticket system! This beats them all.

Reagan Cooper
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