Support customers everywhere

Provide support on Facebook and Twitter without leaving your helpdesk. In an age where 2.6 billion people use social media to actively communicate, offering customer support where your customers need it is of paramount importance.

Linking a facebook page

Knowledge base repository

Create a knowledge base of FAQs and useful tips so that customers can find the answer to their questions without having to contact your support team. This gives your customers the power to solve their own issues and also reduces the number of tickets your helpdesk receives.

Solution articles

Community forums

Create a platform where customers can interact with you, each other and help each other out with tips and insights. How customers feel about you can be a decisive factor when a prospective buyer is considering your brand.

Community forums

Instant customer support

Email can only go so far in managing customer support for a business. When customers are looking for answers to critical issues, an email just won’t cut it. With Freshdesk’s live chat, you can provide customers that need instant answers with concise replies in real time.

Chatting with a customer

A helpdesk that lets you focus on your customers

Customer satisfaction surveys

Understand how your customers feel by having them rate how happy they were with the support experience you gave them, and show your agents the impact they’re making.

Customer notifications

Keep customers in the loop every step of the way with automated emails to let them know when you receive their question, reply, or whenever there’s an update to their ticket.

Suggest solutions automatically

Setup your support portal to 'Auto-suggest' solutions that are related to a customer's query even before they submit a ticket.