Customer Engagement

Engaged customers are the happy customers

For most businesses, customer support is still just a one-to-one session tied to email and phone lines. But today, an angry customer is more likely to tweet her frustrations on Twitter, pin the poor response she receives there, and let her few thousand friends like it on Facebook in just a matter of hours. Which is why smart brands are turning their customer support into a many-to-many process where customers share information, tips and ideas with each other

Build community, build your brand

Your customers are probably talking about you already on social media. And they aren’t just talking about all the great stuff. There’s a good chance they are throwing out questions, doubts, frustrations, and opportunities that your support team can cash in on. Freshdesk lets your support reps be there and support customers on Facebook and Twitter, without leaving your helpdesk.

Be there before it happens, support customers on social media

Engagement is made in support heaven

An engaging customer experience starts way before your customers even raise their first query. An intelligent support experience empowers your customers to ride through their issues, and narrow down to the right solution, all by themselves. Freshdesk lets you build and host an engaging self-service experience that gives customers the satisfaction of doing it themselves.

Get proactive, offer support and surprise customers on social media

It’s not just engagement, it’s knowledge

Ever been to a boring party? There are a lot of people to engage with, but it’s just outright annoying because there is nothing you can relate to, no useful insight you can take back home. With Freshdesk, you can make sure your customers always have access to the right insights at the right time by sharing your knowledge, how-tos and FAQs with them.

Knowledge isn't just power, we think it's wizardry

Your customers, your turf

If your customers can’t talk and engage with your brand on your grounds, they are likely to go somewhere else and create their own groups to talk about you. Offering them a platform to engage with you makes sure every conversation happens on your turf, with your participation.

Community forums, for insightful customer conversations

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