Engage with customers through forums

Let your customers ask questions, post tips and even answer each other’s questions through community forums - including unique ones for each product.


Engage with customers on forums

Track customer requests

In Freshdesk, every question or post in the forum can be upvoted. If an issue’s been upvoted by multiple customers, you know exactly what your customers need and can act on it quicker.

Track customer requests

Set up moderation protocols

You can choose to keep your forums private for you and your customers to interact in, as well as require that posts be approved by you before they’re published.

Set up moderation protocols for your forums. Give each admin the rights they need to manage your forums.

Get more out of your support

Rebrand your portal

Customize just about every aspect of your portal. Freshdesk's code editor fully supports HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Support on Social Media

Start proactively supporting your customers over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter from your helpdesk.

Suggest solutions automatically

When customers create a ticket, Freshdesk automatically displays potential solutions right next to the ticket form.