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Let customers help you help them

How can a healthy community help your business?

Sometimes running a business and keeping up with the competition can be quite a fight. It’s like you are the Spartan king in the “300” movie, going to the war council (aka your customers). And if you remember from the movie, the council is a pretty important place where ideas get thrown around, options discussed and generally the whole roadmap of what you should be doing next gets debated. So that begs the question- where is your council?

Engage with customers through best-in-class forums

With Freshdesk, you can let your customers ask questions, post tips and even answer other customer’s questions, in your community forums. In fact, you can let your customers in on what’s happening and get their feedback right away. And if you happen to spot some heavy questions that should be dealt with by your agents, get it into your support process with just a click ! In Freshdesk, you can convert any forum post into a support ticket right away.

Each product now gets a separate forum!

Let your customers help you help them

Your customers have ideas. They are ready to talk about them. But are you ready to listen? With Freshdesk your customers can talk to each other, suggest ideas to improve your product, and vote on existing suggestions. That way, you know exactly what your customers need. There- you’ve just saved a million dollars in market research!

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