What are customer satisfaction surveys and why do you need them?

Customer feedback is one of the most important aspects of improving your customer experience. Only if you have quantifiable data on how well your customers like your product or service, will you be able to make meaningful enhancements to their end-user experience. And a great way to gather feedback and measure customer satisfaction levels is by using customer satisfaction(CSAT) surveys.

A CSAT survey in customer support is generally added at the end of every service interaction. It asks the customer to rate the quality of service provided on a scale that ranges from poor to excellent. Apart from customer service, it also acts as a good indicator for product teams to act on the customers’ requirements and build features that will genuinely be useful for them. CSAT surveys also help you identify which agents are resolving customer problems more satisfactorily than others. 

To sum up, CSAT surveys help you:

Why Freshdesk is the best helpdesk for customer
satisfaction surveys

Collect feedback with Freshdesk’s 7-point CSAT scale

Freshdesk allows you to build a detailed survey with scales ranging from two points to seven points. Along with the standard “extremely dissatisfied” and “extremely satisfied” options, you can opt for more neutral choices such as “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied” to get more precise feedback. You can also add additional questions and allow the customer to type in their comments if required. Freshdesk also gives you the nifty option to automatically send a customized thank you message after the customer responds to the survey.

Have complete control on when you want to send the CSAT surveys

Freshdesk gives you pinpoint control over which emails should have the link to your satisfaction survey. Helpdesk administrators can choose to send survey links with all emails or restrict this ability to specific cases, for instance - emails that are sent after a ticket is resolved completely. Furthermore, they can also allow agents to send survey links with specific emails at their discretion.

CSAT permissions Freshdesk

Deploy multilingual feedback surveys

If you have a customer base that spans across geographies, you can improve survey completion rates by sending satisfaction surveys in the local language. This will allow you to connect better with your entire audience and would also instill a feeling of trust and comfort in your customers before they share their feedback and ratings. Currently, Freshdesk can translate your CSAT surveys in up to 41 languages.

Track trends in customer satisfaction

With Freshdesk’s curated analytics platform, you can create custom reports to identify trends in your CSAT levels. You can monitor the productivity of individual agents, and hold them accountable for their performance. On a broader scale, managers can estimate how well the customer service department is doing as a whole, and use these findings to make operational data-backed decisions.

Track trends in CSAT

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