Get customer feedback without being intrusive

Send customer satisfaction surveys immediately after serving your customer to get the most reliable feedback, when it’s most likely to be shared.

Use a seven-point scale for accurate feedback

Get useful, accurate customer satisfaction information using Freshdesk’s seven-point CSAT scale which includes provisions for open customer responses.

Deploy multilingual feedback surveys

Send satisfaction surveys in a language your customers speak to ensure you're connecting and collecting feedback from your entire audience.

Track trends in customer satisfaction

View reports on customer satisfaction to gain insights into agent performance and identify opportunities to better serve the needs of your customers.

Create a truly satisfying support experience

Suggest solutions automatically

Help customers find answers quickly by automatically suggesting solution articles while they're raising a ticket.

Offer more value through forums

Share updates, best practices, tips, tricks and unique ways in which your product can be utilized for practical solutions.

Find action points from dashboards

Maintain service standards by using Freshdesk’s real-time dashboard to monitor trends and quickly identify actionable insights.

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