7 Most Innovative Chatbots to Draw Inspiration From

Chatbots can be tricky for both brands and customers. While brands have to put a lot of effort to create a chatbot, customers rarely find one that’s helpful. This explains why 43% people1 prefer communicating with a human over a chatbot. However, when implemented properly, chatbots can take care of 80% of customer engagements and save as much as 30% in support costs. So, how do you make your chatbot more innovative?

Here’s a list of innovative chatbots you can draw inspiration from. Take a look at what makes these chatbots stand out.


Personal finance chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are on a constant rise. Once linked with bank accounts, they can provide personalized money-saving insights based on spending patterns.

But, a major concern is security as most chatbots save up money in a separate account and release it back whenever needed. There’s no guarantee for the money, which is why users hesitate to get the help of a chatbot.

Here’s where Cleo makes a difference. It offers 256-bit encryption and £85,000 security pledge. The chatbot can analyze the user’s transactions only in read mode making it unable to take control of the bank account.

Apart from this, Cleo doesn’t stop with calculations and answering questions. Users can choose to either be ‘roasted’ or ‘hyped’ by Cleo.

‘Roast me cleo’ mode
‘Hype me cleo’ mode

By keeping track of the user’s spending, Cleo sure knows how to set right the overindulgence.


It’s not everyday we listen to a fitness trainer, let alone a chatbot. Though there are many chatbots out there that send daily workouts, it takes more than a chatbot to get us into the mode. When even yearly gym subscriptions go in vain, what could a fitness chatbot possibly do?

Jolt, the fitness chatbot, works like a charm as it motivates by offering e-credits called Jolt Coins. These are no ordinary credits as they can be used to buy products like Fitbit, Apple airpods, Apple Watch, etc from the Jolt Coin Store.

As soon as we sync Jolt with our smartphone or Fitbit, the chatbot starts tracking our workout and converts them into credits.

This acts as a major motivator as one gets to purchase without spending any money. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

In case we don’t carry out our workout regime, Jolt sends motivation quotes, funny gifs, and also teams us up with like-minded people. In short, the chatbot acts as a great engager and makes use of incentivization to get us to work out.


Cryptocurrency is a complex industry. While there are a number of trading bots that enable cryptocurrency transactions, one cannot handle them unless they already know how the industry works. So, what’s the workaround if one is a beginner?

Chatbot Ben helps2 beginners learn about cryptocurrency before going to the trading part. It offers lessons on blockchain technology, different types of cryptocurrency, and also shares related news articles.

While Ben doesn’t give advanced security that’s needed for experienced crypto users, it’s very useful if one has just started to trade. Plus, it gives information on cryptocurrency prices and how much your friends have made from investing.


Chatbots form a major part of the lessons offered by language learning software. Among those, Mondly has taken a huge leap forward.

Its chatbot, being conversational, conducts lessons in the form of everyday scenarios like ordering in a restaurant. The chatbot voices out the questions to which one can either type or speak out the answers. This type of learning helps one prepare for real-life situations without having to speak with native speakers.

That’s not all. One can also converse with the chatbot through Mondly’s AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Both of these give instant feedback on pronunciation thus enabling a more immersive experience.

While VR requires Gear VR device, Mondly AR can be accessed through smartphones. Cool, right?


Be it online shopping or booking a cab, one has to toggle between multiple apps and websites to find the best deal. And most of the e-commerce bots don’t understand complex queries. Here’s where Niki, the AI virtual agent, helps shop on chat by providing the best offers.

From paying utility bills to booking hotels, Niki acts as a conversational commerce bot and passes orders to business vendors. In addition, other businesses can integrate Niki into their platforms and adapt its UX accordingly.

Built on custom NLP models and conversational data, the best part about Niki is it can understand complicated and multilingual queries. It is also known for its quick processing speed making it one of the most innovative chatbots.


The television industry is undergoing a change with channels taking advantage of social media and building their online presence. But, one of the pertinent problems is getting the viewers to engage with the brand outside show hours. To resolve this problem, Food Network introduced their chatbot Sage.

At any time, we can ask Sage for recipes not only by keywords but also using emojis. This makes the chatbot suggest a recipe based on the time of the day. It also has options like ‘Surprise me’ which selects a random recipe based on special events or holidays.

Plus, when Food Network found that people weren’t searching for specific recipes on Sage, it rolled out ‘Meal Match’ feature. Using this feature, we can pick a bunch of recipes and share it with our friends for voting. Sage keeps track of this and shares the recipe that got the maximum number of votes. This way, the bot’s concept of a ‘friend in the kitchen’ engages the current viewers and also attracts new ones.


When it comes to most news apps, they don’t ask for our preferences and bombard us with too many articles. On the other hand, TechCrunch uses a chatbot that lets us subscribe to our preferred news genre.

Once you pick a genre, the chatbot sticks to sending one to two articles per week. At any time, one can unsubscribe or change preferences using the bot. There’s also a feedback option to hear pain points and make necessary improvements.

That’s (not) all, folks!

If you know of an innovative chatbot that you have come across and would like to see it listed here, drop a comment.

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