Social Customer Service

Is Your Customer Service "Social"?

Why is offering a social customer service experience critical to your business?

You have your support team all prepped up to answer every email and phone query you get. You are sure you can give your customers the refreshing support experience they deserve, if only they would get in touch with you. The only problem is, the fraction of your customers who even get to shooting you an email or calling your support hotline is abysmal. Industry estimates point to lower than 6% of unhappy customers. The rest of your customers are already talking about you on social media like Facebook and Twitter. And they are influencing their friends - your prospects with their opinions, right now. Which means unless it is social, customer service the way businesses have known it is going south!

How do you make your helpdesk go “social”?

Of course, you could take your customer support to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. After all, it only makes sense for you to field your support where your customers are. The problem is, now your agents need to juggle between Facebook and Twitter, in addition to supporting your customers through email and phone. And how do you bring all the knowledge in these disparate sources into one place?

Keep track of which social network is faring better and pull out reports explaining why

Facebook and Twitter integration for your helpdesk

Integrate Facebook and Twitter with your helpdesk

Customer support is now social

Convert what your customer say on social media into tickets automatically!

Freshdesk: The Multichannel Social Media Helpdesk

Freshdesk is your one-stop social customer service solution. Facebook comments and Twitter mentions automatically get converted to helpdesk tickets that you can assign to your agents just like any other regular ticket. Your agents can even directly answer the customer on the same social media platform without leaving their helpdesk portal. That way, you can use all the knowledge in your support team and take your helpdesk to wherever your customers are, all from within your Freshdesk.

Streamline what your customers are saying from various channels!

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