Monitor relevant mentions

Filter out brand mentions, product mentions or discussions about your recent campaign with keywords to see all the social media posts you consider relevant to your support team.

Search posts related to your brand

Convert posts to tickets

Convert tweets and Facebook posts into tickets that can be worked on in your helpdesk. Assign tickets to the right groups or agents, tag conversations and use ticket statuses to track progress.

Build customer relationships

Engage with customers who are talking about you from the helpdesk, where all the relevant information including the customer’s Klout score is readily available to you.

Build an active user community

Community forums

Encourage your users to engage in discussions related to your product or industry by creating community forums.

Knowledge Base

Provide a knowledge base as a self-service option for users to find the answers to their questions without needing to call.

Mobile app

Use the Freshdesk mobile app to stay up-to-date with the most recent social mentions and helpdesk activities.