Social Media Helpdesk

How Social is your support ?

Why your helpdesk should be more social

Did you know that 44% of your customers share their grievances about your products via Social Media? And 57% prefer to search online to resolve customer service issues. But what is most alarming is 60% of companies do not respond to customers on Social Media, even when asked a direct question.

Let's face it. Promising a social customer helpdesk is a closer reality than ever before. Think about it - your customers are already talking about you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. When a comment or tweet goes unattended, you don’t just risk losing that customer. A disgruntled customer can quickly snowball into a goodwill massacre.

In short, the social customer helpdesk today has grown beyond supporting individual customers, and become an integral part of your brand. The good part is with a proper social customer helpdesk the opportunity to turn your customers into a viral tide of love is now possible.

Anatomy of your Social Customer Helpdesk tool

Without a proper social customer helpdesk tool, you could leave your agents juggling between multiple social media profiles, trying to keep pace with both your traditional email and phone support as well as the real-time support queries coming in through email and phone. That is why Freshdesk brings them all to your helpdesk portal. Freshdesk gives you a complete social customer helpdesk software that is sure to blow your mind.

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