What is Customer Experience Management (CEM)?

Customer experience management (CEM) refers to the process of managing customer interactions to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Today, customer-facing functions like marketing, sales, and customer service follow a siloed approach to customer experience management. However, in our ebook - the new CX mandate, we dive into why a unified ecosystem is better to manage customer expectations across functions, and how to go about building one. It allows integration across channels and promotes the flow of information so that there is enough context available for the support teams to resolve customer queries.

What is Customer Experience Management (CEM/CXM) Software?

A customer experience management platform offers a 360-degree view of your customers - unifying customer data across the sales and support functions in order to provide a comprehensive look at customer profiles, customer journey, and customer feedback.

Mapped to relevant customer data, a robust CX platform helps your business paint a clear picture of customer behavior. It also allows brands to offer personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.

“True CX means putting the customer at the center of our efforts and measuring impact not just in dollars and cents for your brand but truly in terms of how the customer is benefited. You can find so-called CX efforts everywhere, nowadays, but actual customer-centric decision-making is sadly hard to find.”- Augie Ray, VP of Customer Experience at Gartner

In order to facilitate these customer-centric decisions, leading businesses are switching from a range of clunky legacy software to cloud-based customer experience software like Freshdesk, Medallia, Qualtrics, Satmetrix, Zendesk, and Clarabridge to stay flexible and agile.

However, you need to identify the needs of your business to determine the right customer experience software. If you fall under the direct-to-consumer (D2C) category, your customers prefer fast, high-touch, personalized service experiences. However, a business-to-business (B2B) organization is expected to offer a fuss-free and seamless customer journey.

4 Benefits of a Customer Experience Management Software

Before we map your business requirements, let's understand what a CEM software has to offer.


Personalize customer experience

A CXM platform allows you and your stakeholders to have a 360-degree view of your customer data, helping you create personalized experiences for your customers. You can leverage the unified view of conversations across multiple channels to deliver a consistent and seamless experience.

You can even leverage insights to promote your presence on channels preferred by your customers. The customer-centric SaaS platform also allows you to customize your knowledge base portal to reflect your brand identity and ensure that the customer support offered is an extension of your brand.

Customer Experience roadmap

Maintain consistent communication

The built-in unified dashboard on your CXM software package allows you to access data from across channels using a single view. A unified dashboard lets you have a birds-eye view of brand-customer interaction, your team’s performance across channels, and insights based on this data.

You should be able to access past interactions with any customer on any channel from a single, unified customer database for more context. This makes it easier for you to ensure seamless communication with your customers.

Freshdesk dashboard

Increase customer satisfaction

On your way to maintaining a consistent line of communication and ensuring an array of personalized experiences for your customers, the data analytics functionality of the CXM software can help you improve performance and key metrics, such as boosting your CSAT score. A good CEM software should enable you to:

  • Analyze common customer queries
  • Extend support to your team with customer insights
  • Leverage the CMS to build self-service portals
  • Empower customers to find answers through FAQ Pages and community
  • Run on autopilot with automation functionality
  • Enable live chat support or implement a chatbot
CSAT survey

Invest in an omnichannel customer service software that automatically boosts your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score.

Note: It doesn't matter if your customers switch to another communication channel, you can still continue to deliver seamless experiences.

Optimize internal processes

It's now time to make room for data-driven decisions and remove internal bottlenecks. If you are a business that has just invested in a new customer experience management software, take time to understand your new platform. Ensure that your software can prevent multiple support agents from working on the same issue.In-built AI and workflow automation can equip your enterprise help desk experience software to process and analyze customer transactions and make them visible across your global teams.

Ticket categorization

Leverage the transparent process to discuss possible solutions and answers with your team to improve agent productivity. Since each insight is viewable by your stakeholders across your organization, it gives you an opportunity to strategically optimize internal processes.

Now that you’re well versed with how a CXM software can help you improve customer experience, here’s a guide for you to deliberate and decide the right platform for your business.

What to look for in your Customer Experience Management Software?

Omnichannel Capabilities

A good Customer Experience Management solution offers omnichannel support by integrating customer interactions across channels on a single dashboard. With an Omnichannel dashboard, you get a birds-eye view of how your support teams are performing across channels, determine if there’s a spike in the customer queries received, and even reroute issues to relevant business teams which can help resolve the issues faster.



Customers are likely to reach out to brands using different channels of communication like email, in-app messaging, telephone, or social media. So, when a customer raises their issue on email and later follows up via chat or call, your team might fidget to get context about the issue. This could result in a delay in resolution, leading to frustrated customers.

That’s where the Freshdesk Omnichannel dashboard comes in handy. No matter which channel your customers choose to connect with you, customer data is accessible to the support team and your stakeholders. This helps them with enough context along the customer journey. The Freshdesk CXM software provides a true omnichannel solution with an in-built chat and telephony system and a unified dashboard powered by AI and automation. With Freshdesk Omnichannel, you can empower your support team to resolve issues at the earliest and facilitate a seamless global support operation.


Customer Segmentation

A great CXM software gathers customer data, helping brands to segment their audience into different customer profiles. You can further segment customer experience data across the different touchpoints in the customer journey. 

Customer Segments classify users based on their support needs so you can facilitate journey mapping and offer personalized services. You may categorize your customers based on their subscription plan, region/location, or the type of customers they are (SMB/ enterprise), their industry, nature of the relationship with your brand (existing customer/new), etc.


customer segmentation


Customer segmentation in Freshdesk can empower your business to integrate customer insights and ensure a seamless customer experience. With the introduction of customer segments in the Freshdesk knowledge base, you can create content and grant access to the required set of customers to deliver personalized customer service. You can even create proactive alerts and health scores, reach out to your target audience using automated email triggers and build dynamic views, lists, and reports about your customers.


Analytics and Reporting 

A well-integrated Customer Experience Management platform helps you analyze customer data and queries better. Curated reports can offer meaningful insights into your team’s performance. You can validate the performance metrics using custom widgets within these reports, which can be filtered and modified based on your needs.

Data analytics can help you draw insights to understand customer challenges at various stages of interaction. Organizations can even leverage analytical reports generated by the CEM software to gauge customer sentiment and use predictive analytics to analyze business trends and opportunities.

Freshdesk Analytics


With Freshdesk’s customizable reports, you can identify bottlenecks and create opportunities for process optimization. Real-time reporting and customer insights give the support teams an opportunity to connect emotionally with their audience, empathize with their needs. They are able to attend to frustrated customers while sustaining an emotional connection, making them more likely to win customer approval and foster customer engagement

You can further turn customer feedback into actionable insights. You can identify opportunities to craft better experiences using the Top Customer Analysis report and even understand the nitty-gritty of agent-customer interaction, the kind of issues raised frequently, and how efficiently they have been resolved.


Customer Experience Dashboards

A good customer experience management platform can help you monitor customer queries and identify the limitations of your customer support team. The CXM platform that offers the customer experience dashboard will enable you to identify the set of metrics important to your business. With complete flexibility to customize your dashboards, you can stay on top of metrics that help you improve your customer experience strategy.


CX Dashboard


Freshdesk experience dashboards are live and customizable. With Freshdesk’s extensive customization capabilities, you can create a customer experience dashboard that caters to your business needs. You may want to extend your brand identity to your self-service portals, you can do so by hosting them using a support URL of your choice. 

Freshdesk’s CX dashboards are an integral part of the well-oiled CXM tool that can give your stakeholders concise snapshots of team workload, customer expectations that need attention, the impact created by the brand, and a lot more! Top it off with the Agent and Group Performance report and you have nothing less than a range of productivity hacks.


Feedback and Surveys

According to a recent Gartner report, customer feedback can help you decrease the cost of customer retention. Brands have reportedly increased their investment in customer experience management platforms that support Voice of Customer (VOC) initiatives. As companies continue to actively engage in VOC programs, they continue to spend 25% less on customer retention than those that don’t. Such companies are focused on reflecting the voice of the customer to meet customer expectations and improve customer retention.

The emerging chatter around VOC focuses on a market research technique that allows you to capture and process customer feedback. From the creation to the distribution of customer surveys, a CXM software helps to solicit customer feedback from across channels, including mobile app messages, brand website, email, SMS, or social media posts.


FD Survey


Once customer feedback has been shared, the next step is to extend proactive support through your Freshdesk Customer Experience platform. It doesn’t matter if the survey feedback is negative or positive, a support agent can interact with the customer directly, help them with any underlying product related issues or share additional resources for their benefit. Closure to customer interactions empowers businesses to make customer experiences more effortless and intuitive.



Before your customers interact with your brand support team, they search for your knowledge base. That's where your self-service portals and communities come to their rescue. The Customer Experience Software helps you identify and categorize recurring customer concerns so they can be addressed and updated on self-service portals. This avoids duplication of efforts and helps add to your efforts to improve your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score and Customer Effort Score (CES). 


chatbot conversation

With Freshdesk, you can offer multilingual self-service through a branded knowledge base, web widget, chat, messaging, bots, and even over the phone. How about designing AI-enabled chatbots to interact with your customers? Freshdesk's Freddy AI can understand customer intent so your customized bots can deliver precise answers to questions (instead of a redirect to FAQs).

Your Freshdesk bots can be deployed in no time and are smart enough to guide customers through the next steps on their customer journey. Bots can also detect frustrated customers who need assistance from a live agent. The best part about it all is that your Freshdesk bots don’t require coding, and you can set them up in no time for a great customer experience.


Pricing Models

But how do you invest in the right-priced CX platform? Remember, a higher price does not always suggest more features in a support software. Don't forget to do your share of market research- compare features, read reviews and evaluate the pricing models before investing. If you’re getting started and are looking for the right CXM software for your business, look no further.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based omnichannel customer experience management software, designed to empower your business to meet customer needs. With Freshdesk, you can manage queries from multiple communication channels like email, phone, and social media from a single unified database. Your free CXM software lets you create workflows to automate routine tasks and improve your agents’ productivity. Stay on top of your team’s performance and drive future decisions based on generated reports. You can even use the knowledge base feature in Freshdesk to provide customers with a detailed solution so that they can troubleshoot and resolve issues on their own. That’s not all! With Freshdesk's mobile apps for iOS and Android, your support agents can answer customer tickets on the go.

What’s more? Freshdesk also offers 24x7 email support and 24x5 phone and chat support as part of your free plan. You can reach out to us for assistance with any issue and rest assured, someone from our support team will be with you right away.

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Freshdesk: The best Customer Experience Management Software

Freshdesk helps small businesses deploy scalable solutions to support customers and grow easily and is robust enough to support enterprises to build powerful workflows and collaborate with global teams to provide a cohesive experience to customers across all channels. 

The Freshdesk CXM software intelligently optimizes for agent effectiveness while being mindful of their workload, to help them prioritize. You can even define thresholds for agents on each channel to ensure your team is never overwhelmed by customer interactions.

Looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive customer experience management solution?