The new ‘want-it-now’ customer culture dictates the terms

The pandemic has forced consumers on to digital channels and they’ve embraced it. As their demand for speedy experiences grows, businesses will be forced to adopt a digital-first mindset to deliver it.

Trend 2
Seamless omnichannel experiences replace physical-digital patchwork

The consumer of today can engage from any channel they prefer - be it traditional, digital or physical. Consumers demand experiences that are uniquely personalized based on past interactions and preferences. Businesses will have to stitch conversations across them seamlessly.

Trend 3
Messaging and mobile-first conversations redefine customer delight 

Consumers have embraced the convenience, comfort, and familiarity of engaging with brands on messaging apps like Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Line Chat and more. And now there’s no going back. Businesses that make customer-service accessible in every user’s pocket will win.

Trend 4
Agent empowerment drives customer delight 

Soaring query volumes, increasing customer anxiety, and adapting to a remote work environment have increased the threat of agent burnout and churn. Business leaders will have to rely on technology to enable agent productivity while prioritizing agent well-being.

Trend 5
Experiences move from automation to prediction

AI-powered bots have proven themselves as valuable tools to augment agent capabilities. However, businesses that harness the potential of AI to predict customer needs and delight customers at scale will stay ahead of the curve.

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