Role Of Design In Freshdesk — An Overview [Infographic]

When you think about the word ‘design’, more often than not people end up relating it to how something looks. In our case, it would be about how Freshdesk, the product, looks — the colors, buttons, fonts and other components that are arranged in the product. If you think about it, design is more than just these components; it’s the complete process from the conception of an idea to building out the product.

To give you a perspective of how we design and build features at Freshdesk, I’d like to walk you through the design process..

For any feature which gets rolled out in Freshdesk, it goes through 4 important stages:

  • Discovery phase where we discover Customer problems and discuss solutions
  • Design phase where we design the feature based on the solutions
  • Validation phase where we gather feedback from internal stakeholders and customers
  • Development & Release phase where the feature is developed and released to customers

We take various steps in each of these stages. I’ve explained all of them in the best way I know — as an infographic. Go ahead and check it out!

design-process in freshdesk

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