Celebrating Customer Service Week!

Customer Service Week was originally created in 1984 to recognize the importance of excellent customer service to our industries and bring into limelight the thousands of faceless voices on the other end of the phone line. It was created to thank the people who fix our computers, patiently help us with our bills and attentively listen to us when we complain about the food – The Service Industry Workers.

Every year on the first week of October, at Freshworks, we showcase our appreciation for our customer support stars. If you have a support team in your organization or your team is filled with people who believe in providing excellent customer service, join us this year in thanking them for their tireless efforts.

Appreciate Your Support Stars

Step 1: Send us a support selfie!


Tweet a selfie of your team with one memorable support story to us @Freshdesk.

Step 2: Memes

Send us all the support memes you can. Wait… You might have heard it as “Give us a lot of support memes”. What we meant is, “Send us all of the support memes that you can”.

I don't believe you by Ron Burgundy
My reaction when the customer says they already turned it off and turned it on

Here’s what you get

We will pick three of the most amazing or funny support stories at the end of Customer Service Week. The winners will receive a bunch of goodies and free tickets to Freshworks Refresh’18 in New York1.

Additionally, your agents also get to have some fun! So send us your memes. Tweet to us your support stories. And keep an eye on the #SupportStars hashtag for the winners.

What is Freshworks doing this year?

Customer support like any other job has its fair share of biases and stereotypes associated with it. This year we also wanted to recognize these biases and break them. Customer service is so much more than wearing a headset all day. It requires a diverse set of skills, from the ability to empathize with a customer to having the technical knowledge to fix their issues – all of which go a long way in realizing a company’s goals.

So click on the link below to see which biases we have recognized and are working to break. If you’ve recognized one, tweet it to us with #SupportStars

Tweet to us with #SupportStars

1The winners of the CSW 2018 contest will be given free tickets to Refresh ‘18. The prize will only cover the cost of the passes for the event and will not include travel and accommodation costs.

Note: Freshworks Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove conditions of this contest at any time. By tweeting to us, you agree that we may retweet or otherwise promote your tweets. 

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