[Infographic] 7 Types of Customer Support Agents

In an ideal world, we’d have support agents with customer support built into their DNA, delivering great customer experience every single time. Ha! But that would make the world a boring place, wouldn’t it? There would be no challenges to chase, no goals to achieve. The good news is that we don’t live in an ideal world and not everyone is cut out for customer support. We all know that a good customer support agent is someone that can solve a customer’s issue in a way that ends on a happy note. However, in the wide range of skills that a great support agent is required to have, how do you identify the more important ones?

We put all the information together in this infographic. You can use this when you are—

  • Hiring new support agents for your team
  • Identifying ways in which you can motivate your support reps
  • Organizing training programs for your support team
  • Looking to make customer support your career choice

Customer support competenciesWe found that all customer support agents fall into one of the seven personality types. Here’s what each of them is like.


  • Not every customer support rep has all the listed skills. Remember, we don’t live in an ideal world?
  • We saw specific patterns in the personality traits. So we grouped them into 7 types of support reps.
  • The traits of a support rep that work for one industry might not work for another industry.

*Illustrated by Sriram Govindasamy