The One (and Only) Thing You Need to Do the Next Time You Go Out of Office

I love the lead up to vacations — the packing, the shopping, the anticipation and excitement of shedding your burdens to live carefree in a foreign place… okay, I need a moment.Okay, I’m good now. Vacations are great except the prep work you have to do at the office to handover your responsibilities for that time period. This is not an easy process when you’re a support agent because you have to make sure that someone will cover for you, handle your tickets, with context, when you’re not plugged in.

Without context, the agent who’s handling your tickets will be left to reinvent the wheel for the solution, talking to the same people and covering the same ground, thus increasing the time it takes to get to the solution and making the customer wait unnecessarily for it. Context will be the deal breaker that drives a loyal customer away or wins you a new fan for life.

Aka a big checklist item when you’re planning a vacation – you have to catch your substitute up on all the discussions you’re having as well so they can keep track of them for you and keep the customer updated. Then, there’s catching up on everything that’s happened when you get back.

It’s natural to be a little stressed about this process, after all, it means endless meetings, forwarding piles and piles of emails and Hangouts conversations, writing a lot of emails and summarizing said conversations and emails. And that’s just before a vacation. After the vacation, it’s up to you to follow up with your substitute so you get up to speed on everything that happened and get in on all the email threads and groups that got started up when you were away. All of this might not seem like much but it contributes significantly to reducing the benefits of a vacation. Vacations are supposed to help you break the stress cycle you sink into. Not raise it to a peak before and have some waiting for you, when you get back.

Even though this contextual handover is very important, most helpdesks don’t do a very zen job in making this feature easy to use. Multiple conversations at a ticket’s side just make the handoff job even harder than it should be because you have to transfer each conversation. Much like you would have to do if you were helpdesk-less. It’s still time spent handing off conversations, time that could have been spent envisioning the glorious beach view of a sunset, and ice cold drinks, heading your way.

Enter Freshconnect

Lucky for you, Freshdesk got your back! Beg your pardon if you already know this but Freshconnect is a contextual collaboration tool that helps people collaborate on tickets right inside Freshdesk.


This means that any and all discussions you have with your teammates about tickets can live, not in your inbox or Hangouts or team communication tool visible only to you, but right inside the ticket you’re discussing. This means you don’t have to go through the process of forwarding emails or copying Hangouts messages or arranging for meetings to do knowledge transfer. You can just reassign tickets to the right agent, trust that they’ll be able to pick up the thread from when you left off and go back to picturing that gorgeous beach, the incomparable sunset, and that ice cold drink.

If you have to absolutely check in, even while you’re away, you can use the Freshconnect mobile apps to stay updated on all the discussions you’re involved in.


An additional bonus? This means that you can also just slide back into your tickets when you get back, well-rested and tanned from your vacation. Your catch-ups can be just about all the cool things you did on vacation and the gossip you missed, rather than your colleague explaining what they did and why they did it.

Taking a break doesn’t have to mean that your discussions have to grind to a halt. With the Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration, your team has all the information they need to continue to move forward even as you recharge. And Freshdesk has all the information you need to hit the ground running when you get back.

Want to try out Freshconnect but not able to see it on your ticket details page?

If you don’t have the feature yet and want to get it enabled for your account, fill out this form. If you have any questions about Freshconnect, drop a comment here and we’ll be happy to help you.