5 More ways to say Way More than Hello!

There’s nothing like saying hello in 16 different languages. But I’d have to say it must be way cooler to say “Here’s how we solve your problem”! We’ve added 5 more languages to the list Freshdesk currently speaks, to a whopping total of 16!

The whole list is here, with the new guys in bold. But to make it a bit more fun, here is a game of trivial pursuit. Hover over each clue to see the language, and lets’s see if you got that right…

If you see it right, crisis is the same as opportunity
You might have made robotics, but I gave the word Robots!
The cry of distress, eight friends without vowels
I’m probably the only place where a thrust can change the word!
Thanks Agricola, or I wouldn’t need my pen
The cloth of the king here gave me my Corduroy…
My valentine’s gift – Dragon’s Food
My roads gave the world “Trivia”
You need Google Maps? My streets don’t even need names!
Capitalize my beginning, and I’m a nationality, not a verb!
Swahili is just Arabic and me…
Articles are for kids…
You don’t want to know where you got Avacado from
Just enough! It’s a statement!

And other than this we have:

English (which has become so much of a defacto I can’t churn up a good enough trivia for this)
and Brazilian Portuguese, which I’m getting totally stumped at!

I got most of my trivia with a couple of hours of research (Google). I’d love to learn more language trivia, so pass them along if you have any. If you’ve been waiting for one of these languages, jump right in. And if your language isn’t on the list, let us know and we’ll get working on it.


Here’s a solution article that contains a list of all the languages supported by Freshdesk. Check it out!

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