Support Teams Cannot Ignore Email Signatures

Providing great customer service is the watershed between the success and failure of an organization. Delivering quality customer service involves a number of factors like maintaining a low first response time and having a vast self-service portal among others. With today’s innovative technology, a helpdesk software lets you take care of the important factors of customer service and also highlights smaller but significant factors like branding your agents’ portal, customizing notification messages, etc.

Today, let’s focus on email signature, something that is usually ignored, but yields very favorable results when well implemented. In a clear and objective manner, this article guides you through customizing HTML email signatures, to give increased credibility to your support team.

Importance of Email Signatures

Though trends like social media support, chatbots and artificial intelligence are rising in customer support,  you shouldn’t ignore the basics like a good email signature on agent support tickets. It is extremely relevant to adopt a custom, standard HTML signature for the entire support team.

The greatest benefit of using HTML signatures is that it strengthens your brand and fosters brand loyalty by prominently featuring your logo. Apart from benefiting your brand, email signatures also help your support team as well as your customers.  

1. The content of the signature contains important information about the agent who took the call, such as full name, position, and extension of the company or cell number. This increases the customer’s confidence in your support team and makes it easier for the customer to follow up or raise another complaint.

2. Giving an option to contact support is fundamental for an excellent CSAT rating, especially in cases when the calls are closed automatically without the customer’s authorization. This way, the customer can easily reach out to your team. You become even more accessible.

3. The key differentiator between an ordinary signature and an HTML signature is that the content of a custom HTML signature is always readable. Unlike with images, the signature will never be compressed by the browser.

4. An HTML signature customized for your team is ideal because it’s 100% responsive. This means it’s displayed correctly on any type of device, with different screen formats.

5. Inserting links is also an extremely important benefit of using an HTML signature. You can add a clickable link to an online chat, or to a FAQ page so the customer can receive instant help.

For instance, take a look at the following email signature. The website and agent’s name have been highlighted for easy access. The logo also changes between Freshdesk and Freshworks which captures the attention of customers.

You can also use email signatures to communicate important events. You can use banners, tell your customers first-hand about a system update, and even inform them about downtimes.

In this example, there’s a banner added at the end, that carries details about an upcoming event that could interest customers.

Pro tip: to add the banner, you need not change the email signature again. You can use a tool to change the content of the image without changing the URL of the link.

Email Signatures in Freshdesk

Having HTML signatures for agents is important because it adds value to support ticket. It’s quite surprising to note that even today there are some tools that do not accept HTML in the email signature. This is a point you need to consider when deciding which helpdesk software to use.

All agents added in Freshdesk have the option of customizing their email signature using a rich HTML editor. To find the agent’s email signature area, visit: Freshdesk agent panel -> Profile settings

Managing Email Signatures in Freshdesk

For a team with multiple agents, making changes to email signatures can get tiring. This is why you need an email signature manager integrated with Freshdesk, such as Bybrand.

The Bybrand-Freshdesk integration helps manage email signatures for medium and large support teams.

By enabling this integration, you not only create efficient email signatures, you also save time on management. With the ability to update the agent signature with just one click, this integration adds tremendous value.


The email signature is an item that requires very few changes. Let’s say your customer needs to consult your response to a service that was resolved two months ago. Your signature will still be there in the email, providing important details such as phone number, email, and links to the knowledge base or support page. This makes it easier for your customers to reach out to you when they need help.

Investing in small things is key to long-term business success. Although you can use different methods to delight your customers, an email signature cannot be ignored.

Take a look at your email signature, can it be improved? Let us know in the comments below.