Introducing Freshdesk Academy Certifications

We started the Freshdesk academy with the goal of helping you, our customers, get the most out of the product. We branched out and started providing courses related to general customer service skills too. Today, we have thousands of people using the academy as a place where they come to learn about customer service.

Academy users are finding new features, learning to use existing features to solve their support problems, honing their support skills and helping each other out. But there has been one question that they have constantly asked us:

“How do we measure what we have learned?”

And that is why we are happy to announce that we are launching academy certifications. With certifications, you can test out how well you know the Freshdesk product and show the world that you are an expert. You just have to ace the test to get a certificate.

The first certificate we are introducing is called the “Product expert certification” and it’s ideal for admins of Freshdesk accounts.

What does it mean to be a Freshdesk Academy certified expert?

If you have a Product Expert Certificate, it means that:

  • You are capable of setting up Freshdesk from scratch
  • You can solve simple workflow problems by yourself
  • You can scale your Freshdesk setup, along with the support team

How will this test and certificate help you?

Test your knowledge: You might have been using Freshdesk for a long time, but are you fully utilizing the product? Do you know everything you need to know to work productively? Taking the test is the quickest way to find out.

Learn more about Freshdesk: This test is open-book. That means you don’t have to know every detail about the product off the top of your head. You can find the correct answers by looking it up in our solution articles or by playing around in your Freshdesk account. This way, you get to learn about new features and use-cases you might not have known before. You can also learn some best practices for managing workload, working productively and more.

Boost your career: Being a Freshdesk certified expert means that you can join any of the 100,000 companies that use us to manage customer support and start contributing from day one. You can even introduce and set up Freshdesk if your new team is not already using it.

Show off your skills: If you are new to customer service or Freshdesk, get the certificate to show your superiors that you are learning and growing quickly. Not to mention the scores can put an end to the “who knows the product better” disputes in your team 🙂

Take the test for free today!

Feel free to add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile and share the test with your friends.

Not confident enough to take the test right away? Learn how to use Freshdesk thoroughly by joining the Freshdesk Academy (for free), and then take the test.

What’s next?

In the next few months, we will be launching two more certificates: One for agents of Freshdesk accounts and one for installation experts. So if this is not the right certificate for you, keep an eye out for the other two.

If you have any questions about the certifications or the academy, you can leave them as comments here or email