Introducing the Freshdesk Academy for Customer Service

Every time someone new joins our support team, they have to go through weeks of training and mentoring to become a productive member of the team. We tell them the story of how our company was founded and we train them on our cultural values. We teach them the voice and tone of our company and the best practices in customer service. We train them on the products we make and we train them on the products we use. Luckily for our support team, the product we make and use are the same. But that’s not the case with you.

When it comes to your new hires, not only do they have to be trained on your product or service, they need to be trained on your helpdesk and support skills too. It’s bound to take a lot of time and effort to train them.

That’s why we decided to take some of the burdens off your plate.

Introducing the Freshdesk Academy for Customer Service

Freshdesk Academy will be a single place where you and your agents can learn customer service skills and Freshdesk features.

Obviously, nothing’s as good as a personal one-on-one training session. That’s why the courses you take in the FDA will be audio-visual experiences, just as if your agents were being trained in person.

Courses to improve customer service skills

To be better at customer service, it’s important to get some of the basics right. You can take bite-sized courses in the academy that will help you relearn the basics. You can also download relevant resources for free. Here’s a taste of what you would see:

Up-to-date training materials

Since we release new features and update older features constantly, the material you prepare to train your team will become outdated quickly. With FDA, you do not have to worry about updating the material. In fact, you do not have to worry about the training material, period. FDA will always have up-to-date product courses.

Learn at your own pace

There are no time limits or grades. Pick and choose the courses you want and learn at your own pace.

Something for everybody

Whether you are an admin or an agent, you can take courses tailored for you or learn any part of the product to see how it can work for you. Even if you have been using Freshdesk for quite some time now, you can discover new features and brush up on best practices in the FDA.

Completely free

You are already paying for the product and you do not have to pay again to learn the product. Freshdesk Academy is completely free for everybody. All you need to do is register for the FDA.

What’s next?

In the coming months, we’ll work hard on adding more courses and keeping our existing ones updated. All you need to do is register for the Freshdesk Academy to get updates on the new courses. We’re also working on introducing a certification program so that you and your agents can become Freshdesk-certified agent or administrators.

But enough talk! Why don’t you try out the portal for yourself? Register for the Freshdesk Academy today!