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An agent interaction begins with the first reply an agent sends a customer query.

In an ideal world, one reply is all that an agent will need to solve problems. However, in the real world, agents end up needing more information from the customer or more time for the developers to take a peek at the problem. Sometimes, they mess up and hand out the wrong answer, which ends up protracting the exchange.

  • The average number of interactions an agent requires to resolve the tickets is a measure of how well the agent knows the product or service, and how good he is at communicating that to the customer.
  • The average number of customer interactions for a particular customer’s tickets show whether the customer is a new user or a power user, or if she is a supportive/happy customer or a problematic/unhappy customer.

It’s advisable to keep the average agent interaction low, as it is directly proportional to customer frustration. This can be done by training agents and also by encouraging customers to use company forums where customers can help each other out. The company knowledge base will also be a good resource for customers and agents alike.