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Ticket Scope defines which tickets an agent can see. In a small company, where the CEO and the sales rep double up as support agents, everybody should be able to see everything. But bigger organizations will have sensitive information in the helpdesk that cannot be shown to everybody. Not to mention, the sheer amount of tickets in the helpdesk would clutter the view of the agents and affect their productivity.

So whenever a new agent is created in a helpdesk, they are assigned a ticket scope, which are of three levels:

  • Global access - can see all the tickets
  • Group access - can see the tickets assigned to the group the agent belongs to
  • Restricted access - can only see the tickets assigned to the agent

While Scope defines what an agent can see, Roles defines what they can do. This differentiation is especially useful when a single helpdesk is used by different customer facing departments. Every department needs to have someone in the admin role so they can add agents in their department or create automation rules that helps their department. But these admins should not be able to see tickets belonging to other departments - this is controlled by ticket scope.